Sunday, December 9, 2012

Apparent Miracles: (Unedited): 09 Dec 2012:

Miracles are those unknown certainties, with no apparent origin or creator. C.J.MacKechnie
A spontaneous and miraculous event which happens is often times a surprise to the Christian who has prayed fervently for it.  How can this be? or is it another one of those lessons of Peter who walked on water until he got wet. Or is it another one of those lessons from peter who believed he was unworthy of a Christs death and was possibly hung upside down on a cross.
Having a undeserving heart and immature faith brings about doubts of any explanation against manifested miracles. Some even believe that luck is superior to Gods grace and love. Which is true for you?
We humans are such creatures with an incredible amount of disability which limits our individual perceptions of the true nature of this universe in which we exist. The absence of information completely surrounds us and we are not even aware. Think about the night sky and how it is dark. when the truth of the matter is, the night sky is full of light. Think about your hearing and compare it to dogs, dolphins, elephants and bats. Think about the vibrations which continually impact our bodies. Oh yea, I forgot we don't have vibration sensors like the gator and other animals. The sense of smell as compared to dogs or even ants. Think about our communication or outward expression. You get the point. There is an incredible amount of information which is absent to our very limited human bodies. Once you become aware of this fact. You then will begin to see/sense things which is happening when they are not physically perceived by any natural human senses.
Then you will then start to become spooky and thus begins new secrets in your life. Spooky things tends to cause people who are unaware and unawakened to flee from you, and it is OK. Both for them and for you. Maybe, one day you can gently cause an unaware person to be aware and a sleeping person to gently and softly awaken. Responsible and tender care must be taken. Cause no harm.
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