Sunday, December 9, 2012

Data Trust: (Unedited): 08 Dec 2012:

Absolute trust in the proven data known, doesn't take into account the possible disaster created from the absence of information not known. C.J.MacKechnie
So as long as the keepers of the secrets. Withhold mathematical  theories and insights from the world. Which may be wise since it seems the whole of the world wants and desires extinction.
So as long as the mathematicians still use two dimensional math on flat surfaces. (Flat Math).
Those surprises from the absence of information will raise it's ugly head from time to time and cause much mischief of unknown certainties.
Flat math is how we teach all children to learn math. We exist and live in a multidimensional universe. So how is it we use flat math? I don't get it.
Lonely formulas is when we only use one specific formula to see a solution. The mathematical universe is all inter connected and mutually related to one another in perfect agreement. So how is it we use a singular formula for the grand answers. When theories like the whole of (for instance) Ohm's law tells a more complete electronics story for a moment of time. By using all of the formulas for a specific space in time and for a particular function. You can see the better picture with a decreased probability of unknown certainties occurring.
I know a person whom I call " Mr. Murder". Mr. means respect and honor given. Murder means his line of work. He educated me the other night about the absence of information in regards to his line of work. This write is about trust or how you should not trust. Which implies the objective as well as the subjective. I think there is more Quotes coming about the "Absence of Information".  

To love one another.

To live in peace.

To exist in harmony.

 To cherish life. 
To obey/honor the Laws of God.

 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
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