Saturday, December 29, 2012

Exactly Sudden: (Unedited): 28 Dec 2012:

When you suddenly know that there is nothing you can do. That is exactly when you must do everything you can. C.J.MacKechnie
The assumption of outcome is negative and not desirable. This is back to that fundamental question. When do you just give up and quit? When is it OK to do nothing or surrender because it does not matter?
No matter what you think of Sun Tzu, It is important to understand his ways of thinking. No matter how insane you think he may be. Like his theory on death or desperate ground. Sometimes we purposefully place ourselves in dangerous situations. Much like this old Chinese war general who would think it OK to place his men into a strategic point and not tell them the whole truth. Think about WW2 and D-Day. Our own troops had zero option for retreat, zero option for flanking, zero option for protection, concealment and/or cover. The only option those men had was forward movement under a hail of flaming lead. Then look at the end result of D-Day. Those men who survived became living legends. They became men like no other. They faced and conquered all of their crucibles presented before them. Unlike those unfortunate ones. That when the ramp doors came down. A rain of lead was met with explosive blood.
Actually it matters not whose fault it is when you find yourself on desperate or death ground. What you do or don't do, will define who you will be for the rest of your life.
So when is it OK to just give up? When?
When is it OK to just sit down and quit? When?
When is it OK to do nothing? To just hide? to run away? When? 

 No mater what unexplainable or unimaginable thing or danger or threat is before you, right now. You do not quit, you do not stop, you do not give up, you do not relent. Become like Sun Tzu's men placed on the ground of your certain death. Fight like there is no tomorrow or like there is no next 15 minutes. Fight with such a holy fury that those in hell, will know who you are, and they will shut the gates that Jesus broke opened, before you can arrive.
No matter who you are. No matter what your purpose is. Your freedom is yours to own. Let no person, no leader or no force take it from you. If you do not own, protect and care for your own freedom. Then someone else will and you will be enslaved because of your choice and lack of conviction and lack of resolve. 

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