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Superior Creations: (Unedited): 29 Dec 2012:

The inferior being who creates life which is superior to himself/herself. Cannot maintain control and authority over it's created life for very long. C.J.MacKechnie
Any intelligent being solely created  for a superiors amusement, enslavement, entertainment or experimentation is wrong. The superior or just a more intelligent being, may suffer its own demise from their own creation.

It should be assumed that a being who creates basic intelligent life with an evolutionary growth factor. That the created beings purpose for created existence is to be discovered when their evolution places them in a position of self realized purpose. That self realized purpose hopefully will be of a non violent and all life spreading purpose. But, what if the created being is to evolve into a war breed? What if their is such a galactic plight, that many surviving species have come together to create the breed of war?
:This is weird: 31 Dec 2012:
After losing and becoming extinct or nearly extinct. Being chased and hunted from your planetary homes. Finding another planet and then Manipulating a already existing life form with a quickened evolutionary mechanism.  In the hopes of creating a war breed to exact revenge for the loss of  your peoples and homes. Are they just tools of your hurt and pain or are they truly your children? If your manipulated beings are your children? Are you preparing them for warfare with those locusts who destroyed you? or is there something more? How can you control
Any intelligent species who creates any intelligent being must include end dates and control mechanisms. End dates meaning, evolution stops or their manipulated genetic code De-evolves or disassembles.
Any intelligent species who expects their own extinction. Will also create another race of beings greater than the war breed. For the war breeds governance they will be charged.  
The numbers of manned ships for your upcoming war is less than you governors project.
If and when the locusts discover your genetic manipulations of the species you have contaminated. They will come in force into your solar system of refuge. Where their desired minerals are in bread crumb supply. Where wars had once raged across more than 6 planets and numerous other local orbital bodies. Your parents created you to grow, manage and govern, the lesser beings who are to be the war breed. While at the same time to remain hidden from the locust detection. A number of you have dis-avowed your own creators mandates. Maybe even genetically altered your own genetic code.
The extinction of the war breed by the locusts and others. Will be your failure. But, What does it matter if your creators are extinct or have moved on.
The war breed will fulfill their created mandates. If given the knowledge and tools. They will hunt down the locusts and exterminate them. That is their genetic will which has become more than genetics. The merging of the physical, spiritual and technological.  Then when the duty is done. Life will spread equally for all who embrace this partial law of holiness. Love, peace, harmony equals life.
The war breed is worth protecting even from themselves. When and if the war breed embraces it's own dark insanity.
Protect, enable and empower the war breed. By doing so, may even guarantee your own survival, freedom and the end to those who only seek for themselves while leaving absolute destruction in their wake.
You will need 1,500 mother ships. Which means about 10 per planetary system.
You will need  75,000 transport ships. Which means about 50 per mother ship.
You will need 37,500,000 planetary attack ships. Which means about 500 per transport ship.
You will need 37,500,000 pursuit ships. To seek and destroy. Which means about 500 per transport ship.
You will need  112,500,000 artillery units. Which means 1,500 per transport ship.
You will need 37,500,000 Troop ships. Which means about 500 per transport ship.
You will need 15,000 Battleships. For offensive and defensive purposes. 10 per mother ship.
You will need 150,000 Destroyers. For perimeter defense of mother ships. 100 Per mother ship.
You will need 150,000 heavy cruisers. For close quarters defense of mother ships. 100 Per mother ship.
You will need 90,000 Intelligence support ships. 6 per Battle ship. 
You will need 15,000 maintenance support ships. 10 per mother ship.
You will need 15,000 medical ships. 10 per mother ship.

A mother ship is large enough to contain, hold and transport all support ships.
All other ships listed is a support ship. 
A transport ship is like an aircraft carrier.
An intelligence ship is like a stealthy submarine.
A planetary attack ship is like a bomber.
A pursuit ship is like a fighter jet.
A artillery ship. Is that which brings the rains of hell. 

The spear head of this force shall be of a automated robotic nature and their numbers should be at least twice the number of your war breeds forces. Which can also hold an equivalent numbers of your created war breeds life forms. Except you will need a number greater than 1 trillion robotic foot warriors.

The advisory and back up forces. Shall be your collective races. Once your war breed reaches the level close to your equal. This also means that even ants can have authority over creatures much greater than an individual ant.  Which will be defined by them and not you or your organization. You may just become witnesses.

The builders of solar systems. Their technology needs to be sought after and militarized. Having the ability to just go in and simply destroy each and every solar system in which they control. Would be an important first strike.

Since the locusts must travel from system to system. There ability to create what ever they need or want. Is not apparent. The technology from those races who can re-program energy at it's most basic structure needs to be militarized. Then traveling from system to system to mine minerals to build, repair and replace ships will not be necessary. This will also be necessary to maintain secrecy and privacy. Especially while hiding in a system with diminished minerals content and a history of wars destruction.

It will also be necessary to take those from your created war breed to other planets in other systems. Other systems which have been used up by the locusts and have a war history. By traveling ahead and terraforming planets which would enable the war breed to thrive and populate.  Then instituting a plan which would keep them in the dark of their planned destiny. Should not only protect them but you as well. The locusts should believe that these are just low life forms who merely inhabit a planet with no interest to them. Even if the locusts take a few of them from time to time. To see into their current state of feeble mindedness. The locust will gain zero necessary intelligence from this apparent primitive species. Then not waste their energy on any further attention. The secret must be kept.

These are probably today's or numbers needed thousands of years ago. Not in the thousand years for your war breed to get to the desired level and population.
31 Dec 2012:
Need to create a star fleet like group. Where technologies can be combined to extinguish the galactic threat. Or allow the other galactic family members to entrust the war breed with their individual wisdom, knowledge and understandings. Let the war breed, get the job done. Then when it is done. lead and teach the war breed to become the spreaders of life. Throughout the galaxies.
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