Sunday, December 30, 2012

Expectant Reply: (Unedited): 29 Dec 2012:

Your spiritual awakening begins. When you take the time to simply greet GOD and wait for an expectant reply. C.J.MacKechnie
 It is not enough to only pray. To only say what you want to say to GOD and then end your communication with Amen Amen. I have met many Christians who have had no direct contact with GOD or any real knowing of any communication from GOD in any manor, for decades of being in the faith. Even with faithful daily prayers, meal prayers and group prayers.
 I ask you this and it is this simple. How do you greet your parent, sibling and/or friend? Assuming your relationships are healthy, with honor and with mutual respect. This is the same way you begin to speak with GOD. Just say hello and wait. Actively listen with a quiet mind. This is respect. The same kind of respect you give to your family member or friend when they are speaking to you. You don't think of other more important things like the sporting event or shopping or getting a hair cut or shoveling snow in Florida. OR DO YOU? (I'm still working on that one). If you disrespect your own family and friends in favor of the big game or any other trivial reason. Then you may already have your answer as to why you have had no real contact with GOD, No real direction from GOD, No real signs from GOD and no real miracles from GOD.
Prayer is you speaking to GOD.
Meditation is you listening to GOD.
This is critically important to understand. The entire Christian faith must fundamentally change in this regard. Because, Prayer without meditation is disrespectful just as you talking to your spouse and then refusing to take the time to listen to their response. Even if it is only a hello. 
A christian is supposed to be like Jesus, walk like Jesus and perform miracles like Jesus. In today's world there is virtually none of it. Why? Well, It is the very first thing we all have been taught and it is prayer. But, We have only been taught a part of the communication process with GOD. Just as Jesus spoke directly with GOD. So can you when you become the son or daughter of GOD and brother or sister to Jesus. You do not need an intermediary. 
:WARNING: If you begin a complete prayer life. You begin to learn how to silence your mind and patiently wait. You will have a knowing of GOD and everything else (scary part). Then the sins you enjoy in secret will become realized by you and that they were never ever secret. Including the sins of your own thinking.
:WARNING2: The gifts of Jesus will begin to manifest in you as intended by GOD and without warning. If you do not learn the disciplines necessary to work the gifts chosen for you. Then they will become like curses to you. Because, In the truth of the gifts. They are not meant for you. They are meant for those who are in need. You are just the holder of the gifts and are responsible for them, even though those gifts are NOT YOURS.
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