Monday, December 31, 2012

Apathetic Signs: (Unedited): 31 Dec 2012:

Compassionate and informative signs of respecting other peoples property. Doesn't work with apathetic people. While the good and caring people tend to not need signs to remind them of the respectful practice of common courtesy. The good and caring people tend to just ignore and forget the signs. C.J.MacKechnie
Sometimes the worrisome person may become offended that no one reads the signs. Well, This is because the apathetic person doesn't care or want to care about anything which does not directly affect them. Unless, They get caught in the act of disobeying the signs. Then they get angry and blame it all on you and how wrong you are to expect common courtesy and civility in today's world. Or who made you the refrigerator police you tattle tale. The person who is stealing lunches does not care about you or the signs. The apathetic person only cares about the pay check and benefits.  The same goes for litter. Those who park wrong. The no Smoking signs. The lists go on and on.
One of my favorites is those people who claim to love the planet and yet they still leave their litter in the sacred forests they proclaim to love so much.
It seems that this world is infected with apathy. The death of the human heart.
How do you get someone to care? When they do not.
Do not think you can explain or teach them. Because they do not care about what you think or how you feel.
But, By you being a good caring person everyday. Then maybe the osmosis of your being will have a lasting effect upon their own soul. My proving everyday that you love and have compassion. The light of you they will see. The genuine happiness of you liking and loving exactly whatever it is that you do. Will have a lasting effect upon their nature. To the point that they will even believe they are happier in your presence. Then when the odd questions come from them. Like why are you so crazy to clean up after people? Express the truth from you. Because, You care. Because you like a clean environment to work in. Because, you say and speak whatever it is your truth. Hopefully without negative and accusatory overtones. 
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