Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hatred Generated: (Unedited): 06 Jan 2013:

Self generated hatred with no reasonable evidence to cause such an extreme emotion. Is evidence of a psychological defect, demonic activity or both. C.J.MacKechnie
What can cause a person to hate another? There are various reasons as to why. Evil deeds done to them once or often. But, what of a person who has done nothing and they are still hated? A psychological defect? A demonic influence or a psychological defect caused by a demonic influence? What about just a plain old bad person who wants their bad activities to remain private. The good person just always happens to be present to be a witness. The bad person will get mad and then evolve that anger into hatred. This is just a natural process of the bad person. It does not matter if you the bystander(s) of the hatred really likes the bad person and the good person who is being hated. The bystander(s) are the witness to the revelation of the true nature of the bad person.
A person can be a bad person without any demonic influence.
If the action of hatred is unique to the very likable person who is doing the hating. Then the demonic force is exerting it's force upon the controlled person.
From revelation, to prayer, to fasting, to meditation, to action, to freedom. Some of the steps are concurrent.
To identify a bad person versus a demonically controlled person. May be difficult. The bad person will only do for the self. Self wants, Self desires, Self pleasures, Self secrets, All attention to self. With no remorse or guilt.
The demonic controlled person will have all that has been mentioned above. Except, now there will be incredible guilt and remorse and a intense feeling of not being in control over their own actions.
The demonic influence will hide itself behind any psychological defect and selfish desires and evolve those selfish tendencies. The demonic force will want all of the pleasures for itself while destroying the human host. 

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