Friday, January 4, 2013

Lifting Up:(Unedited): 28 May 2010:

Uplifting another spirit is the love and compassion we should all share with one another. C.J.MacKechnie 
The Christ servitude. Is all about lifting up a poor soul. So that they can see the true light of GOD for themselves. Then empowering that former poor soul to do as Jesus had done for them. Outwardly expressing  love, compassion, mercy and kindness. That is and always will be the only true sign of a real Christian.
Mercy and kindness we should all share with one another. This is just some of the essential foundations to any civilization. To be civil towards one another even if they are different in some minor way or even live in a far away land or on a different celestial body. Greetings of friendship should always begin, maintain or even conclude a relationship.
To be cynical of everything breeds distrust of others for you. To be rude, mean and cruel will just cause people to flee from your presence at all times. Leaving you alone with your mean cynicism.  Wars are always started with selfish greed by the rulers of that described evil lands of evil people. Who seem to always proclaim peace for all at the conclusion of the wars started.
Long lasting peace can only come when the common people base their life in love, harmony and have a deep respect for the importance of all life. Then it will matter not what the selfish rulers want. Wars can only happen if the common people are willing to fight and die for the lies and deceptions of the rulers words. Peace cannot come from warfare ever. Unless absolute extinction of all life occurs. Then there will be absolute peace. If there is one survivor or even one fearful observer then revenge and war preparations will be made. So, peace will never last long by the tip of the sword.
Christianity and Islam are still fighting the crusades today. Or is it the unholy rulers of both sides who are just using the religions as their tools to motivate the common peoples to go to war on their behalf?
It's always about the money, the lands, the power, the control, the resources, The authority, The total wealth. War is always about the few who want the most. Even in negotiated peace treaties. The few on both sides will profit in some way. While the common people on the declared winning side have fought and died receive nothing but a minute pay check. While the common people on the declared losing side have fought and died receive nothing but maybe a minute paycheck. The wives and mothers of the common soldier who has fallen. Each equally mourn their losses. No matter which side they are on.
Repent and flee from all of your sin. Pray and meditate often and daily.  You the common man who is a warrior or soldier. lay down your weapons and Go home and live your life in peace with your family and people.
 May not be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: