Thursday, January 3, 2013

Timed Emotions: (Unedited): 27 May 2010:

Your feelings will always lag your thinking and your thinking will always lead your emotional state. No matter if the thought is current or a memory. C.J.MacKechnie 
This can be difficult to understand as it involves those who are normal minded, Mentally Ill and gifted. To simply sum this up. That which you are thinking always precedes your emotions, every single time. Those who have been factually proven to be mentally ill via various brain scans which determine brain defects and brain damage. The signals could become mixed up as in no emotional response to any thinking process. A continuous flood of emotions which are unrelated to a particular and specific thought. This also includes other responses in various degrees, orders and timings.
For the gifted person who are the natural em-paths. Without any factual proven diagnostics tests. The natural empath can be declared to be of a various mental disorders such as bipolar. Then these gifted persons are drugged into emotional oblivion and their brains electrocuted until they feel nothing anymore. Most often then not these persons who have been deemed to be bipolar may in fact be naturally empathic and not even be aware of it.
It needs to be known that being empathic is one of the first Christ gifts. The gift of knowing another persons feelings in order to express love, compassion, Kindness and mercy is essential to the teachings of Jesus. When the Christian person or any other person whom GOD chooses is gifted with this gift of being empathic. It is often time accompanied by zero information from GOD and denounced by the church as witchcraft. Which neither is helpful. But, for whichever reason for God's part is something I am not going to question outwardly.
This is where active and continuous prayer and meditation is necessary in order to learn about all of the gifts from GOD by GOD and taught by GOD.
Being empathic is not a disability, defect and it is not proof that something is wrong with you. On the contrary. There is something very right with you and GOD has chosen to give you this gift and others.
The evidence of being an empath is varied.
You strongly feel the emotions of your loved ones and close friends before any normal means of communications has been made.
When traveling through crowded places. You feel a myriad of whispering and fleeting emotions flow through you. While thinking about a specific task.
When going to an away game of your favorite team. You feel like you want to cheer for the other team and may even get caught up in the emotions of a score made over your team.
Getting distance from people is peaceful for you. Such as fishing or hunting. You may not even want to hunt or fish as you may be so sensitive. That you even feel their death.
You may get childishly happy by driving close to a school or any place which has many children playing.
When driving by a hospital, jail or any other place where sadness is prevalent, you feel it all as well.
You feel adventurous when driving by an airport.
When everyone is asleep. You awaken to the peace and quiet. You may even stay awake while everyone sleeps. just to start clearing your own brain. 

These are all normal. and there is more. To learn how to control them. You need to actively and continuously practice prayer and meditation on a regular basis.
Simply put.
Prayer is you talking. To God.
Meditation is you listening. To God.


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