Thursday, January 3, 2013

Will You?:(R edited): 24 May 2010:

Will you only glance at my face and decide if I'm worth opening and knowing? Once you look past my cracking old cover, will you remain or discard me? When the words within my dusty pages become to uncomfortable for you to bear, will you just sneeze and close me up? Will you then place me high up on your book shelf forgotten and far away? If you decide to travel through my pages, will you comfort me through each of the coming storms that life often brings? Or will you just flee from me before the first storm cloud arrives? Will you be willing to stay with each of our life's pages until we find our last words that declare Happily Ever After and The End? C.J.MacKechnie 
Those were just a few of the things running through my heart and mind before I committed to my lovely Pearl, even though I barely realized that I was already in love.
 No one really wants damaged goods. Even if you listen to those goodie people who offer advice, they will always say stay away from people who have an undesirable life and/or history. To tell the truth, I might even say the same things that they do now. I know the statistics both ways. Those who were bad often go back to their self-defined badness and the good people often do not have the skin to handle the residual and ongoing problems.
 Wife edit.
 May not be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: