Thursday, January 3, 2013

Honor Burdens: (Unedited): 24 May 2010:

There is and always will be blessings for the burdens that you honor. C.J.MacKechnie 
The burdens you bear with honor are your blessings and within your burdens is the Christ Jesus.

Read it many times if you have to. If you believe Jesus Christ is your brother. Then so is those who are homeless, sick, naked, in prison.
 Think about this. There are people who will care for their severely mentally and physically challenged children up until they die. Parent or child. That is burden with honor. Then there are those who after given birth to an unwanted or undesirable baby will throw it away. Kind of like those fetal alcohol syndrome babies, disabled, mentally ill or any other perpetually ill babies. That is dishonor and abandonment.

 May not be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: