Thursday, January 3, 2013

Best Hope: (Unedited): 23 May 2010:

The best future that you can hope for is in the good and right decisions that you make today (each and everyday). C.J.MacKechnie
Pretty simple. Sometimes we have to slow down when we make our decisions in life. We each have to just stop and think about things. There is time and yes, you do have the time to think about your decisions. Unless, of course your in a life and death moment. But, then you resort to your training. You look in your tool box of life.
Typically, the common person is not always in a life and death situation. Where a decision must be made right now. So, it is OK not to buy that item on sale. It is OK to hold off in a decision of something deemed frivolous. Even if that which is actually frivolous is of importance to you. That is something to think about. How can a frivolous thing be of importance and yet not be. If the thing does not guarantee life, love, peace and harmony. It is probably not of any real importance. You know, it is still OK to really like a frivolous thing and make it of importance for you. It's OK.
It seems those really important decisions that are made in today's life succumb to the dictates of false cultural traditions/laws which only guarantees your perpetual enslavement. Yes, That is right. Your culture may be a contributor to mass enslavement.
 Just think about this.
 How does your culture deal with people who pursue education?
 Are they belittled? Threatened? Bullied? Beat-up?
are accused of being something they are not? and etc?
 Education and especially being educated in math, logic and critical thinking is the path to freedom and to maintain freedom. Other forms of education is also of great importance. Such as a command of the language. The history of the world and how people have become enslaved.
To sin or not to sin? The differences between right and wrong? Oh but you say you are not religious and that your were taught that right and wrong is not real. Well, One or both of those thoughts are a false teaching for you. Designed to enslave your mind with a false belief system. I have heard people claim that their is no right and wrong. They believe it as a truth. This is the truth of a growing evil seed.
Yes, even deciding what you learn and believe as a truth is a decision to be made by you. These decisions based in a trust of educated people, who stand before you and smile as they teach a falsehood as truth. That is another level of evil. Because to train up a young person, to only be a mind to be controlled is brainwashing and a form of enslavement. When you are taught there is no right and wrong. Those authors, teachers and leaders. Only want for you to do their bidding without hesitation, question or denial. That is all.

When you decide to believe the teachings that the spirit is not real. You dis-connect from Divine input. Your pathway to justice and morality ends.
When you decide to trust in and believe in the false teachings of how to think by evil authors, teachers and professors. Your mind becomes enslaved. Then which follows your body.

For some people who have problems with foods. Even this simple decision can have a profound impact on their daily lives. The decision to eat a breakfast or not to eat a breakfast can alter even a good day into a bad day.

Did you know that historically governments have used addictive drinks and drugs in order to exercise a level of control over the population on a land that the government wants to own? Yes, It is true and it is still done today. Through beer and alcohol sales. Through cigarette sales and through the omission of illegal drug sales all over this country. Think about that. In every city in every state, you can get any kind of drug you want. Just this fact alone is an indication of an incredible logistical network that must use big rig trucks for transportation.  There is just to much drugs available for grandma and grand pa to haul it in their RV.
Added on 11 Oct 2013:
The importance of education.
So, do you really think, I went off track or off on a tangent? Really?
 Slowing down and thinking about all of those decisions you must make daily. Is of crucial importance for your future. How many hours of game play will have a direct impact on your ability to find personal and professional success in life.
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