Thursday, January 24, 2013

Order 66: (Unedited): 24 Jan 2013:

The idyllic heroes of the free state must be killed before that state transitions into that which is less than free.  C.J.MacKechnie
Who are the defenders and fighters of your belief system or way of life? The Army rangers, Navy Seals or any other Special Forces Units. What about those who hold positions of various law enforcement agencies? Do they not actively enforce the laws of the land so that we all can live civilized lifestyles?
Who will be the ones to stand and fight for the civilian population, when the corrupt and traitorous leaders attempt to steal everything away?

The corrupt and traitorous leaders must raise up their own military and law enforcement personnel. They will do so just as other dictators have in the past with bribery, better life and generational guarantees for their family. They are the castle walls of the king made up of flesh and bone. The more layers of flesh and bone castle walls created. The more difficult it will be for anyone to get to those leaders who have created this system of self protection. The Castle Keep of old is the new COG (Continuity Of Government) castle keep of today.

They are patient. They will take away one genuine freedom at a time while giving the freedom of immorality, sin and self contamination. This also includes the manufacture of mental disabilities and chemical controls.
Altering a pure educational system into a state controlled social system on how to think. This means the raising of your own children will and has become the responsibility of the government. The next step is to insure that parents have limited access to their own children. While children are in school. Another freedom gone in the name of security.


A point will come when no person of genuine religious belief will be considered for any advanced positions of authority. Then as those of the highest ranks are filled with godless and atheistic mindsets. The lower levels of command and of management will be filled. All the way down to the lowest levels.

A point will come when those who are of the most skilled and intelligence. Will be targeted because of their unwavering beliefs in the "old" Constitution and of the Holy Bible. It will not be enough for the government to simply retire these heroic individuals. They must not escape into the general population. Even their individual gene pool will be targeted to stop the greatness within their own DNA. They will be declared as traitors. All civilians will believe they are criminals and dangerous.

Then the free people can be forced into enslavement. The current former military personnel will be offered positions in accordance to their stance on anti-religious faith. They will be the civilian spies and one of the selected group who will commit what is considered as random murders.
The random murders will have several commonalities. Such as religion, leadership, intelligence, education and military training.

Even though this is fictional. This is similar to what I have seen. Not as dramatic. More quiet and secretive. Accidental deaths and killings. Messed up mission plans. The journey into a dead zone where the enemy lies in aware wait. The heroes all unknowingly walk into the trap constructed by their own leaders.
25 Jan 2013
Title change from "Idyllic Heroes" to "Order 66" .

Even though the Jedi are fictional characters. In real life aren't they just like the Heroic Jedi of today. Doing incredible things that the common man cannot do.
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