Friday, January 25, 2013

Breaking Yourself: (Unedited): 28 May 2010:

Breaking free. Breaking out. Breaking under the weight of lies illusions that once governed you. Enslaved and imprisoned by the heavy burden that once threatened to break you. Standing firm. Standing strong. Victorious from winning the war over yourself. C.J.MacKechnie

 Lies, lies and more lies. Believed as truths told to you and expected from you by those who were supposed to love, comfort and protect you.  Yet, Here you are today. You remain a broken person. Your free of all of those abuses and tortures you have endured. Today and right now begins the discovery of who you are supposed to be. Do not fear this now. Today can begin your search for your true identity. Just like that show "Diggers". Those incredible things of value which will define your true identity is all buried beneath the dirt and filth of the lies told to you. Some of the valuable gems which are buried are forgotten. But, most of of those valuable gems need to be re-discovered by you and all of them will fill in those empty spaces of your true nature. Just like a missing puzzle piece which finally reveals a new thing about you.
Getting to those places may be hazardous for you and you may have to relive some old memories. Just keep digging carefully. Walk down those dangerous crevices with care. Seek and search for the beautiful contents of your soul. It's worth it and you are worth it. Your beautiful and always have been. Despite the ugliness of the life you have had up until right now. Go and find your beauty with as much zeal as those digger guys.
Formerly Titled "Breaking".
Partial Inspiration is from Mercy me "Beautiful"
Original content titled "Breaking"
Will be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: