Friday, January 25, 2013

Wear Costumes: (Unedited): 29 May 2010:

The costumes that a man wears is not exclusive to the state of that mans Holiness and righteousness. A man does not need to wear a costume and stand on a raised pedestal to exercise his supreme position of Holiness. Every man and everyone woman no matter their station in life or status of birth family. Has a GOD given right to attain a state of righteousness and holiness as defined by them and ordained by the Heavenly Father. C.J.MacKechnie
Humanity likes to wear their costumes of importance. The military man, The doctor, The police, The politician. The wealthy person. The fire fighter. The security guard. The club member. The school student. The religious person of course and etc.
John the Baptist wore what kind of clothing and Jesus the Christ was homeless. So how is it that you a person of religious authority can wear your costumes while stepping up onto a pedestal. While Jesus lowered himself for even you.  You really should think about this.
If you are one of the common folk. Look upon your religious leader with renewed eyes and find the church which is actually doing the works. You may need to bring your power tools and crafts skills. The sweat of your brow will become a sweet reward of your Lords works.
I use the word "costume" as interchangeable with the word "uniform".
Title change. From Clerics and bishops to "Wear Costumes".
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