Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Love Lust: (Edited): Teen Rated Warning: 06 Feb 2013:

Lust often begins when that which is searched for is easily seen. Love often begins when that which is not easily seen is discovered. C.J.MacKechnie
Lust always begins when you seek and search for those physical traits which are acceptable to you and then you give into those physical feelings. Knowing the mind of that person isn't of any importance. Knowing the heart of that person isn't even a concern. Knowing the spirit of the person may not even be believed. The spirit, the heart and the mind of a person is and can be of more importance than only the physical traits easily seen outwardly.
The mind of a person is necessary to know before you decide to give a person your time. The traits of a person in their outward life, such as honesty, dependability, reliability, loyalty, integrity, confidence and others.
The heart of a person is necessary to know before you decide to give your own heart to a person, such as compassion, love, mercy, empathy, forgiveness, affection, warm-heartedness, devotion, courage, trust, tenacity and others.
The spirit of a person is necessary to know before you can give all of who you are to the one who shall be your one and only, such as their connection to the Divine, vision, principles, openness, commitment, steadfastness, persistence, gentleness, patience, faithfulness and others.

It is important for you to make wise decisions in your life, especially if you desire that one true love with whom you can begin your own family and walk hand-in-hand with even when you have been rewarded with crowns of silver.
Always giving into your lusts may in fact prevent the love of your life/soul mate ever to be known. What if the love of your life/soul mate is not womanly or manly enough for you? Yes, you may know physical pleasures that you could not know with him or her. But, you will never know the heights of the heart, the mind and the spirit. How much is that for a loss or absence in your life? Choose love over lusts. The growth of love grows forever in life. Whereas lusts fades over time and the bodies age becomes limited. Love is forever.

What is deemed important in your culture may actually be of zero importance in life. In fact, your acceptance of a cultural wrong may be harmful to you in regard to your physical, mental and spiritual health. Do not settle for lust's pleasures when it will cost you the love of your life and the loss of your soul mate.

Happy Valentine's day