Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Loves Light: (Unedited): 03 June 2010:

The intensity of love is what fades the misery and sadness from your memories pain. C.J.MacKechnie 
Remembering the love you have had. Remaining in the love you have now. All leads to the love which will continue on for you. So, no matter the misery or suffering you have known. Seek out genuine love which is beyond the physical. Becoming the outpouring of love which the world is ever thirsty for. Become the brother or daughter of the one called the Christ. Become the disciple of him who was nailed upon a cross. Become the son or daughter of GOD. With a humble heart which becomes filled with Christs love. You will be able to do all of the miracles that Jesus had done and more.
Loves are lost by a variety of means. A lost love is by no indication that love has ended. A dear friend of mine has just recently passed over. He is not dead. Who he is remains on. Just like who he was before he was even born into that now deceased body. He is and he was, which is just as he is now. A free spirit. With his own unique identity and purpose.
My friend Glen had a beautiful death. He was surrounded by his family and he did not pass over alone. Glen's Sickness was short and quick. Which was a blessing in itself.
Glen was survived by his wife and adult children. As I understand it. There was a reunification of certain family ties. Hearts were softened and tears were shed. All physical deaths should be as beautiful as his was. I shall miss him and hope to find him one day amongst the rocks. Hopefully he and his Indian brothers won't mind me running on their mountain peaks with a Kilt on and a claymore in my hands.  The Highland Way.
Maybe now my physical brother and friend can be my spiritual brother and friend.
My prayers are with you Diane. Hold onto your love for Glen. It's OK.
Begin by Praying, meditating and contemplating to GOD. This is a beginning action to first hand knowledge of GOD. This will be your beginning of miracles becoming an everyday ordinary occurrence.