Thursday, March 7, 2013

Illuminate Truth: (Unedited): 15 June 2010:

Lies and deceptions whispered in the shadows, will fade once truths light illuminates. C.J.MacKechnie 
To the common person. This is a truth. The common person seems to have a need to believe anyone in authority. The common person even wants to believe anyone who has a high level of education. So the lies spoken as truths is difficult to prove. When those in authority or with High levels of education have themselves been deceived. 
The creation of lies and deceptions are often created in a capitalistic society, when money and resources can be gained. In a socialist society lies and deceptions are created when money and resources are lost to the common person. In a communistic society lies and deceptions are created which will only benefit the communistic elites, for any reason as defined by them.
For the common person, who cannot depend on any modern form of government today, to put forth the truth. What and where can they go for the truth? Self empowerment and self direction is key. The truth is in the non-physical. Through prayer, meditation and contemplation. The truth of the question will manifest within the person. The person will begin to know things without being taught.
A person who becomes wise, knowledgeable and understands a great many things from prayer, meditation and contemplation. Can become prideful and selfish. He or she may begin to have a desire to have followers for their elevation into a holy status or godlike status. It is not for the individual person who has achieved wisdom, knowledge and understanding to acquire for themselves. It is for them to raise up everyone who is willing to achieve a similar level or greater.
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The importance of Education.