Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Never Dishonor: (Unedited): 18 March 2013:

An apology is only true if you never repeat your dishonor. C.J.MacKechnie
Honor is crucial to have in this life. Honor is also what survives you in death. Honor is not taken nor bought. Honor can only be created by you and maintained by you. Just like a precious metal or rare jewel. Every deed and action done or not done. Keeps your metal polished or tarnished. Keeps your rare jewel in high luster or fractured in a million pieces. Your honor is far more valuable than an accumulation of much precious metals and many precious jewels. 

Honor is that thing which takes your entire life time to create and build. Honor is also very fragile. You can destroy all of your honor in one single misdeed or an action not taken.
Here is a sliver of hope. Once you have lost or destroyed your honor. You can rebuild it, from scratch. Those whom you have dis-honored may never ever show any honor towards you ever again. 
Show, think and feel no negative emotion for those who cannot forgive you. Have only love, compassion and kindness for those who cannot forgive you. You may have to cut ties and move away forever. Then do so in order to ease their unease with you. Then start a new. Be warned Dis-honor follows and will stick it's ugly head up from time to time. Your built up honor in a new place may be the rock which deflects the old and dead dishonorable you.