Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It Began Compilation of old prophecies: (Unedited): From 03 July 2001- 12Sept 2001: 02 April 2013:

 Just found these pages.  Do not read if prophecies disturb you and the lead up to 09/11. I had no idea that these writings were a lead up to the 09/11 event. I did not even realize it afterwards either. There was a beginning date and of course the ending date. Some time had passed and I realized the God may be using certain Southern Baptist Churches as his informative instrument. Still believe that today 02 April 2013.
 Repent and flee from sin. Do so without threats or fears. Make that logical decision. That to live in accordance to the Laws of Moses is right and true. To live in accordance to the 10 Commandments is the foundation for a life worth living. To live contrary to the law means certain extinction at various levels.

03 July 2001:
I spent 1 night at my Uncles House and went to church on Sunday. I read all of Amos. I felt as if it were talking about the USA. I had no plans to stay with my Uncle. Then I got a load that re-powered exactly where I was located in South East Alabama and it didn't deliver in Birmingham until Monday. Almost, as if I was supposed to read Amos and listen to the Pastor at First Baptist.

04 July 2001:
Woe to the people of the USA. Everything you believe is backwards. Murder is a choice and a right. Deception and theft is wrong only if your caught.
By deception and theft. Your freedom will be taken from you. You will be a free country no more. Your leaders, outspoken ones and the weak will be murdered.
Woe to the people of the United States, who believe they are untouchable.
From 3 peoples will be your down fall. You believe you are free. You will become slaves and it will be their right.
The Heavenly Fathers Blessings will move away. In that moment of time, The United States will burn. In that moment of time, there will be great confusion. You will ask yourselves. "How could this happen?"
Everything that represents you , will be destroyed.
You will become hungry.
You will become thirsty.
You will become Homeless.
You will become sick.
You will become enslaved.
You will become lost in the mind.
Your friends to the North and South will not lend support.
They will proclaim how terrible a thing has become for the people of the United states.
Your friends across the waters will not lend support.
They will proclaim how terrible a thing has become for the people of The United Sates.
There will be battles in all of your cities with no lines drawn.
There will be no safe place.
Forest fires everywhere. Power outages. No clean water.
The policemen will be shot at. The firemen will be shot at. The power linemen will be shot at. The rescue workers will be shot at. Doctors and nurses will be shot at. Schools will not be safe.
Churches and hospitals will not be safe. Highways will not be safe.
Anyone who expresses love, compassion and kindness will be murdered.
You will become both hopeless and helpless. Your prayers will not be answered.
Your great military will be scattered, hunted and destroyed.
Israel, Korea and other exclusively protected lands of the United States will be in great peril.
A military force will come into Alaska from the Straits.
A military force will come from Mexico into California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.
A military force will come from Cuba into Florida.
A military force will come from with.
From about 2012: A military force will come from the west waters (China) into California, Oregon and Washington.

07 July 2001:
The final result of homosexuality is racial and ethnic extinction, national extinction and the extinction of the human race.

07 July 2001:
Even though the bearer of life may believe she is independent and self sufficient. It is the duty of  a man to protect her and the young ones, even unto his death that he sacrifices.
it is the duty of the man to keep himself in such a way so that he can take care of and to protect the woman and the children without fear and trembling.

07 July 2001:
  When the last innocent is martyred. The wrath of God will be poured upon the whole nation.

07 July 2001:
A star to the north that isn't. Will give off a poor light that melts snow and ice very well.

07 July 2001:
The United States is being run out of all the world. You will be forced into isolation.

07 July 2001:
Man has learned to kill the spirit thru sin.
Man has learned to kill the mind thru chemicals. (Drugs).
Man has learned to kill the body with weapons.
Man has learned to kill the world thru nuclear weapons.
Man has learned to kill humanity thru genetic manipulation.

09 July 2001:
There is no difference between a person who commits murder and a woman who kills her children and a woman who has an abortion.

All will be judged equally. That is the right of the one true God. To administer rightful judgement to the people whom HE created. It matters not if that person believes or not.

10 July 2001:
You who receive entertainment for one hour and not my word. Will suffer 10X for every hour you were entertained.

11 July 2001:
You women cover yourselves completely from head to toe. So, that the weak minded men around you do not entertain improper desires of you which is sinful.
You men cover yourselves as well. So that weak minded women around you will remain mentally pure and without sin.
For one woman was made for one man. As Eve was made for Adam. A woman completely and totally belongs to one man. Just as one man is to love, to care and to protect the one woman that Almighty God has given to him. A man in return will give himself for his one wife and he will belong to her.
When a man gives back to his Heavenly father that which The Heavenly father gave. He will be blessed greatly.
When a woman gives back to her Heavenly Father that which The Heavenly Father gave. She will be greatly blessed.

12 July 2001:
A remnant will remain on this world. Which means a very small part of the much larger whole. Those of you who are godly for 1-2 hours every 7 days. The Lord Jesus will not remember you.

20 August 2001:
Just because a judge has granted you a divorce. Doesn't mean GOD has.

24 August 2001:
Alliances have been made by the enemies of the USA. They see the downfall of the USA as the means of greedy gains of territory.
The many national enemies of the USA, already have their thousands of spies living inside the US.
The Us will fall and the whole world with it.
When the USA falls. All of the Countries that have claims on other lands will then launch attacks on those peoples of those disputed lands. For the retaliatory threat of the USA is gone.
The backbone of the United Nations is the USA. With the back bone gone, all that which is left is cowards.
The future of the world is in the hands of the people of the USA.

25 Aug 2001:
China will be the catalyst of the peoples of the world. Death or exploration. China will have to choose to end like Rome, Germany, France and Japan with great defeat and dishonor. OR to choose to become the greatest nation to ever walked the Earth.
Free the spirit. (Morally)
Free the mind. (Morally)
Free the body. (Morally)
 Free the borders.

Educate everyone equally and in less than 20 years, all will follow your lead to the stars.
Succumb to the power of your military leaders and you will end up like WW1 Germany, WW2 Germany, Napolean (France) and WW2 Japan.
In the beginning you will conquer the USA and many others. Just as the other great countries before you and they ended up with great dishonor. Conquest does not bring honor. It always brings dishonor, suffering and death. (To all sides). Even to those peaceful beings who choose not to fight.

26 August 2001:
There is still hope for the peoples of the USA. They must return to their one true GOD or be eliminated. It is GOD who made the peoples of the USA great by protecting it from evil. When GOD ceases it's protection. The USA will fall hard, quickly and forever. Repent or suffer. No other choices. No delays. Choose now.

27 August 2001:
Just as any building built with a poor foundation, will soon crumble and implode in on itself. So as the peoples of the USA , who have forgotten what has made them strong and kept them strong. They have forgotten  their foundation and the result will be. That everything they have known and have planned for is about to crumble and implode. Now, is the time to shore up your foundation.

27 August 2001:
Darkness offers the illusion of secrecy.
                                illusion of privacy.
                                illusion of being alone.
                                illusion of safety.
The instant illumination appears. the truth is always known.

28 August 2001:
In some churches the rapture will have been obvious. In others there will be doubt that the rapture even occurred. There will be debate between the great churches and the minor churches. The rich churches and the poor churches. The popular churches and the unpopular churches.
(02 April 2013: Comment. I do not think there will be debate with the poor churches or the unpopular churches. Those churches by a greater percentage may be gone).

30 August 2001:
The weakest and most helpless around you is the most perfect. Even the sick and the genetically defective are more perfect than the healthy and strong. For they may be incapable of sin.

07 Sept 2011:
For the wages of sin is death.

08 Sept 2001:
Christianity will be an illegal religion throughout the world.

11 Sept 2011:
It is 09-11 Emergency.
The world changed today.
4 Airplanes were hijacked this morning inside the USA. 2 airplanes were flown into both World Trade Center buildings in New York City. Then 90 minutes later, they both collapsed. Total loss of life could total as high as 40,000 souls.
1 airplane later crashed into the pentagon building in Washington D.C.
1 other plane crashed somewhere in Pennsylvania. It is now 2:24 PM. What else?
A report of a plane crash near Camp David in Maryland.
I found out within minutes after it happened. I watched live on T.V. The second jet fly at a high rate of speed, banked to the left into the second World Trade Center.
I'm at my customer Alliant Food Service in Peabody, Mass. Who later refused my load of freeze dried potato products. Now, I sit in my truck alone on the street. I'm shocked and angered.
By dark I had put on 18 USA flags on my truck.

12 Sept 2001:
I go to providence, RI. and the F.B.I. shut down Amtrak Train.