Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spiritual Wisp: (unedited): 02 April 2013:

The spiritual wisp may even be afraid of it's own presence.

The spiritual wisp flees from her own tears which falls upon her cheek.

The everlasting spiritual wisp , jumps free from her own body before the final impact and flies away without ever knowing there is a physical loss.

The little spiritual wisp who is forced to face her very real giant monsters of impossibility. Becomes the immortal force to be reckoned with. C.J.MacKechnie

We often tell ourselves lies and deceptions. We believe them. I have met giants of men who were small in spirit. I have met severely tortured souls who became powerhouses of intention and purpose.
I have met incredibly intelligent people who refuse to feed their intellect or pursue a good purpose which would benefit all of humanity.  I have met females of slight stature who continually have to struggle for equality and they never even consider the impossibility of that thought, That need or that want.
It is impossible for a particular female of slight stature to become equal or recognized as an equal in any professional environment. REALLY. SO STOP IT. Worry no more. It's OK. It's OK.
Are you thinking negative about this? BE CAREFUL. I will say it again. I know how some of you just love repeats. It is important.
It is impossible for a particular female of slight stature to become equal or recognized as an equal in any professional environment. Why? Why? Why?

It is a sin for you to even try to become the equals of those who are superior to you. It really is. WATCH THE ANGER. BE CAREFUL WITH THE NEGATIVITY. After all your just a helpless female. Yea, I know bad john.

It is a sin for you to become less than what you were meant to become. It is a sin for you to dumb yourself down or to hide your true capability and potential from your surrounding world. Just to be an equal. Just To be an equal to intellectually inferior males/people who can stand taller than you. I don't think so. The little delicate wisp of the tortured being you once were is dead and gone. You have emerged as the force which must be reckoned with. Do not revisit that place or those places where you continually die.

You are not a delicate wisp in which all things and everything can harm you. Nothing and no one can hurt you. Nothing and no one can take away anything of genuine worth which already belongs to you.

Go forth with all strength and power as the sister to Christ Jesus and the daughter of GOD Almighty. You are empowered. You have been strengthened.

The stumps and boulders have been removed from your fields. Do not allow those stumps and boulders to regrow or to come back. The rest is your crucible. Meet this crucible of yours with an open learning mind and with determination. Correct your errors which will be identified and re-enforce your strengths. Do not attach any negative emotion to your faults revealed.

Watch out for pride.