Monday, April 1, 2013

Self Correcting: (Unedited): 01 April 2013:

Self correcting bad behaviors and overcoming poor decisions in judgement, Can be easily seen by others as a growth in your character. C.J.MacKechnie

Surviving the after effects of bad behavior and the results of making poor decisions. Can be difficult and overwhelming. Enduring through the trials and tribulations of your own actions and choices is necessary in your learning and self correcting process. What you DO NOW. Will be seen by others as you developing good character or you acting unwisely. What and how others see you is of importance. But, how you see yourself is of greater importance. Do you want to be a good person or do you just want to be good at all of the bad you desire to do? 
There is a phrase in the trucking industry. "If you can't be good, then be good at it." The word can't is your choice. From your choice you will always receive your just rewards or the conviction of curses. 
The rewards may not be easily seen like gold, silver, lands or jewel's. Respect, honor, honesty, righteousness, holiness is all apart of your good reputation. A good reputation can be re-created after you have fought hard to recover from the conviction of your created curses. 
 The curse of trials and tribulations is a direct logical response to the poor choices in your life. Some of these curses can last an entire lifetime in prison. Some curses may last only a decade or two, then you die. Some curses may require you to remain in the perpetual care of a medical team. 
Some self generated curses are generational. The lovers who partake of the drugs and alcohol. Will have babies with diminished capacities. Is that a curse from God? No, It is your own self generated curse. You are solely responsible for your child being born addicted to your drugs and becoming genetically defective. Don't blame God for your choices and actions in life. 

SO, What do you do now? Since you now realize that some curses of your own creation and not the fault of God.
You do more than endure through your curse or curses. You make a life out of your trials and tribulations. You create that positive and life changing message. So, that hopefully other people won't make your same mistakes. It doesn't matter if your confined in a wheel chair, rotting in some prison cell or the parent of a FASD/PCE kid. You can still change your  life life and pursue enlightenment. Despite/In-spite your current disadvantage. Be positive, Live positive, become the positive life message for all. 
 Yep, this is a hint for someone. Not my family.
 The extreme unwise choice or decision. Can be seen in the story of Jacob