Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Government Subject: (Unedited): 26 March 2013:

Prophecy: This contains offensive content.Added Content 28 March 2013, 30 March 2013, 01 April 2013.

The Christian Importance of following the directive in the New Testament Holy Bible, can be taken the wrong way. The Christian follower cannot be a slave to any Government entity. A Government entity Set up by God will not enslave the Christian population or any other religious person.

Look at the history of every war fought. Where tyranny was forced by the powerful few onto the powerless common person. Any Government entity who rejects the Laws, Mandates and will of GOD. Becomes that government entity which Romans 13 does not apply. Thus, allowing for the common people to overthrow such tyranny, even if it is their own government entity. Send those corrupt leaders who have sinned against God's people, directly and immediately to the presence of GOD. Send those evil leaders who purposely changed and altered the system of government, which was set up by the enlightened fore fathers, directly and immediately to the presence of GOD.  Including all of their associates. Back 50 years.  Let their divine judgement begin sooner than later.
Added 30 March 2013. I have felt that I have hurt someone with great honor for the USA. This is about prophecy and not just for the USA. Canada, Europe, Australia and every other country on this planet. 
For the USA, I still have hope for a turn around. A return to righteousness and godliness. I think I am the only human being on the planet who thinks that all prophecies can be prevented. That is my intention and purpose. I believe there is a reason why the USA is not specifically mentioned in the prophecies of the Holy Bible as is other Countries. The USA is of no importance. What does that mean? I have no idea. I also believe that 5 Billion plus lives can be saved as well as the rest of the life on this planet. The common people must flee from their sin, by logical choice. The true righteous and godly people of this country must run for every political office. If not. Then the powerful few will have all of the power that technology affords. The rest of the people will have nothing to defend themselves with. The state of technology is at such that numbers may no longer matter nor does the 2nd amendment. The weapons systems is of such that, there will be no defense against it. Especially from an enslaved world population which has no access to education or technology. Then all of those ancient prophets who foretold dire and dark times will manifest. 
I truly believe that any undesirable prophecy which is known can be averted and prevented. No matter who has spoken it. Everyone must collectively work together to prevent the happening. Such is the story with Joseph and Pharaoh. The technology of the day could not prevent the happening but they could manage resources and people. Which is what they did under the leadership of Joseph. Because even a god pharaoh doesn't want to die.

Every educated, well spoken and capable Christian. Must run for every available political office. This is mandatory, crucial and critical for the whole of a righteous Nation under God to remain intact. If there is an absence of godly, righteous and honorable people. Then your Country given to you by God will be lost. Before it is lost. The government entity will commit terrible atrocities all over the world in the name of your God. Then your Country you love enough to shed your blood for, will grant supreme rights and freedoms to offensive sinners. While denying you your own rights and freedoms.

If you are a Christian follower and happen to be in the employ of a turncoat Government entity. You individually must follow all of the Romans 13. Which includes following the primary law in Romans 13:9. If the order tells you to search and destroy, You must disobey. If the order is for you to kill those associated with any Religious military group bent on protecting themselves from the evil government in which you are employed by, You must disobey and then join the righteous.
If you are a Christian follower and are employed by the turn coat Government entity, You must separate yourself from it. You are a part of the power base and enforcement arm of the corrupt turn coat government entity. You separating yourself from the government weakens the whole of the government.
If you are a Christian follower and yet under the employ of the corrupt turn coat government entity. You must walk away, leave all that you have been given behind including retirement rewards. Just as Lot and his wife had to leave their home and lands. So, may be required of you.

Ye, Christian warriors. When there is evidence that your beloved country has turn coat. Go into every church and proclaim that it is time to separate yourself from a corrupt turn coat Government entity, which was once a creation of God for his chosen children. You will have choices. To remain with the turn coat government entity or to remain with your Heavenly father or to choose nothing. Only one choice is correct. One choice will offer you short term rewards. One choice will only have long term rewards. One choice will only give you the rewards of animalistic behaviors.

Not only is Romans 13 important for the Christian follower. It is also important to the Islamic person, Jewish Person, Hindu person and any other Religious Tradition. If your government entity rejects holiness and righteousness. The common person who is righteous and holy has the right to revolution. A government can claim it is righteous and holy, but through their actions can you witness the truth. Who has the wealth? Who has the force of power? Who has the right to education? Who has the right to live without fear and intimidation from their government entity?
There will be signs of this coming prophecy.

Freedom without responsibility. Extreme freedoms is in fact enslavement.  Romans 13: 11-14.

Laws which limits and offends the whole of the righteous, while granting supreme equality to the offensive lone sinner. Added on 28 March 2013. Laws passed will solely benefit the political and corporate elites. The common person will lose their health, life, freedoms and rights from the unlawful actions of the political and corporate elites.

Common peoples education based in the importance of social justice. While denying the non-offering of math, science, language arts, Real History, Logical and critical thinking. Added 28 March 2013.  The common person will not need to be educated beyond the projected and defined limits set by local, state, regional and national entities. If a human body is required to work a certain job. Then that person will only be given the opportunity to attain the required educational level required for training in that job skill as defined by the governing bodies.

You can only do something wrong if you are caught. Then you lie, lie and lie. 

Social and cultural importance becomes more important than righteousness, holiness, education, honor, integrity. 

Access to quality medical care. Becomes non-existent for the common person. While the rich, powerful and famous receives quality medical at any time for themselves and all of their family. Added on 28 march 2013. Medical care will see a division in care responsibilities. The chosen select will have access to the best medical care that advanced technology affords. While the common work force person will only receive the medical care required to get that person back on the job. If the common work force person is of the advanced age of about 30 or40 years, Their medical care will stop. If it is deemed that that person cannot resume productive duties. The common work force person will know nothing of any kind of advanced medical care. It wont even be a conceptualized consideration. It is just the way it is. The average life expectancy of the rich, powerful and famous will grow beyond 100. While the common work force person will only be 30-50 years or what ever is deemed the end of the productive work years.

 The rich, famous, and powerful receives the highest quality education and training which is individually desired by that person from birth. The elite children will be trained in martial arts and weapons, leadership, mathematics, Strategy and tactics.

The rich, famous and powerful will have access to the best and highest quality foods to achieve maximum health and life longevity. This includes vitamins, compounds and minerals. As well as non pasteurized foods. Even if these items are outlawed. A large bag of Doritos cost $4. while a small bowl of fruit cost $6. A bag of Doritos can feed you for a whole day. A small bowl of fruit barely a meal. Which is healthier? Added on 28 March 2013. There actually will be a division in foods. Foods specifically for the rich, famous and powerful and foods for the common people. The rich, famous and powerful will know not to eat and drink of the common persons foods and drinks. The foods and drinks will be engineered for low life expectancy (Health), population controls and control over a persons will.

Energy restrictions and control measures for the common person. Government entity Limits energy usage and who gets power at what times and for how long.
Fuel cost will limit the common person to move around. This is a restriction of movement and loss of freedom.

This planet is 7/10ths water. To exert control and authority over the water resource. Mandated restrictions will be implemented. The government knowing a rise in population is taking place has a responsibility to condition water and to move it to those needed areas. To not do so, guarantees an opportunity to exercise power, control and enforcement.

Added on 28 March 2013. News will no longer be truthful, complete or revealing. News will become an arm of the political and corporate  elites. The lives of the famous will become more important than actual hard news in which the population needs to know.

Added on 28 march 2013.The common people become helpless to defend themselves against any force of arms. Weapons outlawed. Martial arts and any other fighting style outlawed. Any aspect of strategy and tactics outlawed.

Abortion. Added 28 March 2013. The sanctity of all life diminished for the common person.

Marriage of man and man, woman and woman, human and animal. adult and child. 

Justified genocide.

Never ending wars.

The word use of "Christian" also means for the name of your religion of your particular government entity.
Comment " the 2nd amendment no longer really matters" What this means is with the advent of vastly superior weapons systems with automation. The few no longer really need human bodies as their human shields or castle walls made of flesh. The right to have and own guns as defined by the constitution is solely for the common person to over throw a government when voting rights no longer matter. Gun ownership is not about hunting it is about protecting yourself from any government entity. It matters not if it is from within or without. So, the common person should have access to military style weapons systems. Which as far as the advancements of technology. No longer is practical. Who can buy an F22, M1A1 Abrams, or an Aircraft carrier and any other vastly incredibly weapons platforms. The children thinks it would be cool to own. My own father would joke that everyone should own their very own thermonuclear ballistic missile. Which as a child, I thought it would be cool. But, as an adult, very scary.
The 2nd amendment no longer matters because even if every capable person had military style weapons and training. Any government military can neutralize any ground force from afar and at altitude. This comment is not saying that I desire that the 2nd amendment should be taken away. On the contrary. Every capable person who is in their right mind. Should have fully automatic weapons of their own choosing and the training to ensure safe use with their friendly COMRADES.
28 March 2013. Added content and some editing work.