Thursday, May 30, 2013

Adventures Possibility: (Unedited): 29 May 2013:

There is always something gained and the possibility of losing everything when an adventure presents itself on your journey. C.J.MacKechnie
The horrible and bloody battle is won and lost by lost who went forward and faced the enemy with great bravery.
The horrible and bloody battle is won and lost by those who fled in fear after witnessing the formidable might of their enemy. You should not think bad things of those who dropped their swords and shields then ran blindly away. Some people are not born warriors and some cannot be made into fighting soldiers. For these gentle souls. The amount of time they actually confronted and faced the violent enemy was the extreme limit of their courage. It's OK. They are not you and you are not them.
There are degrees to the battles fought. Those battles which seem to be of the most important are those from within. 
A spirit which sees itself as the gentle soul may discover it can become a soldier. But, later on discover the divine truth that it was always a warrior. Especially, those spirits who have chosen to be born in weak, defective and broken bodies. I have personally met many diseased, frail and helpless physical persons who were in fact great warriors. Are you brave enough or have the enduring courage to live a life of absolute helplessness while maintaining your intellect and sanity?
There can be a profound personal growth for you when you truly answer that question for yourself.
 The spiritual adventures can also be hard to accept. Especially when those spiritually sleeping persons falsely think and believe they want to know the truth about those cool fuzzy wuzzy T.V. ghosts and loving spirits who just want to be directed into the light. Some are very harmful and very powerful. When confronted with the fundamental truth of that which cannot be physically proven. It will force that person to re-evaluate their entire life in that moment. Even the truth of the existence in God or gods. Because to us lowly humans even the angels are like gods.
For some the truth can be hard to bare. Even to the point of giving up when the realization that there is no secret anything.
For those who are freshly awaken and for those who have courage. The profound growth to come will be very distinctive. Can their physical lives be harmed? Yes. Will their surviving spirits/souls survive and go forth into the Heavens unknown? Yes.
Notice how I started this with "The Horrible and bloody battle..." and ended with the unspoken victory in the unknown heavens. There are degrees for each one of us to find and define of our own individual choosing. It is your journey and not mine. Just as my journey is mine and not yours. Learning and feeling from one another is important.

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