Thursday, May 9, 2013

Futures Result: (Unedited): 08 May 2013:

The actions or non-actions you make today. Creates your future which will be a logical result of those actions or non-actions taken. C.J.MacKechnie
There is a logical math formula in this. Which I cannot see the whole of. Relates to volumes and quantities. Degrees of importance and unimportance. Predictable prophetic outcomes.
Learning logic and math principles is crucial to determining the probable prophetic outcomes or achieved goals within your life. Beforehand. If a young person can dream about what their own future is desired. Then through the skill of logical thinking can that young person accurately predict a logical path to achieve those goals. The logical journey in which they embark on, will have a specif heading. Just like a tall sailing ship which incorporates a directional heading. Just like a wise Captain who uses maps and a determines the best and swiftest course to take. Combining the logical information of the map with the compass. The wise captain will discover the safe conclusion to the journeys ends.
 If the wise captain deviates from the logical path. Then all can be run aground or destroyed upon the rocks. The powerful gales and hurricanes will not be avoided. Then all will be drowned in the deep dark loneliness.
Prophecy is for all and is of all. Each and every one of us can be our own prophets.