Thursday, May 9, 2013

Separate Professional: (Unedited): 08 May 2013:

Any person who can separate their professional or public life with their religious private life. Should not be trusted in any thing or in any agreement. C.J.MacKechnie
 Yes, it does matter. How you live your whole life. To approach infinity or becoming that which as observed by others being all things are possible. Face two mirrors and witness visible infinity in two dimensions. Face three mirrors together and witness infinity in multiple dimensions. Each mirror represents a different aspect of the lives you have. One mirror is your private life, another mirror is your public life and the third mirror is you professional life. When all things are in complete agreement with one another. All things can and will be possible for you. Because infinity is in total agreement. All of the images are perfectly identical.
For more dimensionality. Within each mirror contains a myriad of smaller mirrors. All facing each other. Thus, creating a deeper and more profound infinite image of perfect infinity.
Within the perfect and identical images of the infinite you. Any defect of your whole being can be easily seen amongst the infinite. It would be like filling a sports arena full of 100,000 you's in black suits and then placing only one of you in a red suit. All of the black suited you becomes invisible or blurred. While the red suited you becomes the most easily seen and pronounced.
Yes, it does matter. How you live your whole life. Your professional, public and private life must be a perfect mirrored reflection to one another. If you do not or cannot see the truth in these words I write. Then you are a deceiver and a liar. Negative actions applied to ones own whole life. Logically concludes with a outcome which is less than what you desire for your own life. It will not matter how hard or smart you work. You will lose all of the good aspects within your life one small piece at a time. Until, such a time, your whole blood line becomes extinct.