Sunday, May 26, 2013

Awakened Gifts: (Unedited): 24 May 2013:

The dormant (Sleeping) gifts which have always been within you only needs your intentional attention to awaken. C.J.MacKechnie

We all have our own super natural or extra ordinary gifts. These are also the same gifts given to each one of us by the GOD of our knowing. How we each use those gifts is solely up to each one of us. Even the absolute denial that any of the gifts are good and holy. We each can reject the the existence of such fanciful gifts as scientifically unprovable.

Even the Christian has rejected the gifts and this is because of the lessons learned from the churches over the last two thousand years. Never even realizing that the devil can only copy or mimic the one true GOD. Which means all of that which the devil does or tries to do super naturally has it's origin with GOD. Even though the intention in how the devil uses the super natural is all of his own creation.

If you are a true follower of Jesus. Then the pursuit and exploration into the discovery of your gifts is a very real possibility for you. If GOD is your Heavenly Father and Jesus is your Heavenly Brother. Why wouldn't GOD grant you the use of those gifts in which Jesus had already said you can use now. But, of course it is your choice. If you do not feel a need to walk the Path of Jesus. Then it is OK. It really is OK. Do not ever feel as if your missing out or lacking or feel the guilt of should have known or could have done.
Do not feel angry with any church or pastor for teaching what they have taught. They each only knew that what they have taught was true. Even though it is not. You each are the sons and daughters of GOD Almighty. God your Heavenly Father speaks directly to you. If you would just take the time to listen, speak and contemplate. To listen to your Heavenly Father is to Meditate upon him. To talk to your Heavenly Father is to pray to Him. To ascertain and comprehend the message, you need to contemplate.