Sunday, May 26, 2013

Re-Emerged Gifts: (Unedited): 24 May 2013:

The re-emergence of your gifts will occur when you cease the rejection, the denial and the deceptive conditioning. C.J.MacKechnie

No matter what religion or anti-religion you are in. You are taught what to believe as wrong and false. What is bad and evil. 

This also, includes the gifts from God. This also includes the partial truth of prayer. 
Because, If you were to be taught the wholeness of the truth the rule of authority that those religious rulers have over the vast majority of humanity would become like vapor. 

The supernatural gifts of GOD originates from GOD. Your intention is of your origin. 

The wholeness of prayer is 
Pray is you talking to God. Meditate is you listening to GOD. Contemplating is you trying to understand what GOD has told to only you. Worshiping GOD is you - worshiping GOD. 
This is the wholeness of prayer as I understand it. 
Think about a respectful conversation you have with another person. You talk and listen. You think about what has been said. Then talk and listen some more. This is respectful.

In the Christian religion. We are taught to only talk. There is no listen, no dialogue, the unaware absence of respect for God. The Christian follower is almost forced to believe that the chain of command within churches is all in constant communication with GOD. Never realizing GOD does not.

In another religion. You must only exactly recite the prayer as told to you. Then when you are done, you are done. There is nothing else. The followers discover that the GOD of their understanding does not talk to them and there is a great feeling of absence. So, the followers see the authority and power of the men who stand above them. The followers conclude that GOD talks to them. Never realizing that GOD does not. 

Since Jesus, The chain of command between you and GOD is all there is. You to GOD and GOD to you. No one else between.