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Stealth Healers: (Unedited): 12 June 2013:

This is a mess. But, The message is important. Thank You for muddling through it.
What is the harm and effect of purposefully healing people in secret? Without bringing any attention to yourself.
Is there any harm to a person's mind or spirit? I do not believe so. The person just begins to feel better in the time you do have together in person, assuming they are not actively blocking via their own negative thinking and negative emotions.
Does the action of secretly and purposefully healing people in your presence alter their belief systems in any way? In that moment if the person you are secretly healing feels something different, then you can take non-deceptive actions like stopping or continuing on the healing without bringing any attention to yourself, thus not boosting your pride or ego and not causing the person whom your are healing to falsely believe you're a special person, gifted person, another god or another messiah. (Note the use of lowercase letters).

A person who heals in stealth does not need to be concerned with attention, respect, reverence or righteous honors or wealth. Healing in stealth should cause no questionable feelings, thoughts or attitudes. The source of the healing power is absolutely intelligent and does not need for you to wave your hands waiting for you to discern where the malady is located before going to work. The source of the healing force is divinely intelligent and works by it's own choice, direction and intensity. You do not need to ask. Just be willing to do and allow the healing to begin or not. Either way energy is never wasted.
 With an Intelligence of this advanced and exacting knowing, the mathematical formula which governs it must  also incorporate a perfected emotional state like compassion, mercy, love, joy, satisfaction, passion and others in order for this healing to work the way it does.
Running thoughts to be re-compiled or entirely deleted
There is no need to seek or find any living person for your healing to be done. All of the healing which can be done is all within you and easily accessible as it already is to other animals. Which seems to know what to eat and not eat.
Added on 15 Nov 2015: 
I just met Mr. Ed last night. Stage 4 Cancer. Zero hope for survival. Months to live and to wait for death to come. I walked with him for a short time as he told me his harrowing story of current cancer survival. Severe and ugly medical scars all over his body.  Some of the scars looked professional while others appeared to be hack jobs. Really. His thoughts were of his young teenager. He was just tired of all of the tests and very aggressive sessions of Chemo. Laser surgeries and the absolute nothingness of being put out. Tumors all over his body and in his brain. Can you imagine that sort of hell of knowing (Right NOW!) that your own ind is lost. That in the next few months you will become completely lost mentally. Incapable of being able to fight this terrible enemy. He has solace. Through his cremation he will have the last victory over this deadly enemy. I call that heroic.
But, throughout our walk at one point he questioned whether or not to get ice cream. I had to say "YEA!" He did feel guilty. To even enjoy ice cream. After all that he had been through. At this point it doesn't even really matter if he gets sick from it. Just to enjoy the ice cream in this moment. In this moment.
With stealth healing and with no communication as to what I was doing. The silent healing prayers were ongoing as they are all after he left to go his way and into this morning. The prayers continue. Sometimes mercy, compassion and love should just be silently expressed. No thanks or gratitude should ever be expected. There is no need. Let them express their gratitude to God. That is where the ultimate gratitude should always go to. After all, I or we are just willing and obedient servants of God. 
There are never coincidences when you are in tune to God. When you are willfully and by your own free choice obedient to God. So when any stranger to you and not to God comes into your presence. What do you do. Socially push them away because they are a stranger to you? Listen to the stranger tell of his life of medical horror as Ed was at first reluctant but I welcomed his words. He needed to be heard with a compassionate ear. Thus, begins the opportunity and time to pray for healing. 
There is no need for any expectancy as God is the only one who can do as he wills it. Will there be a healing? Not for me to know. Will I/you be credited and glorified with the healing? Just writing that question brings a shiver to me. Your/My answer should and better be "NO!!!!"
Even if I may never see Mr. Ed ever again. The journey is his and not mine. My only purpose in that moment was only to be a compassionate friend. Who conducted secret and stealthy healing. In the Name of my Heavenly Father. His Holy Son and the Holy Ghost. Give unto Mr. Ed mercy, compassion and healing. 
It is not for me or you to know if someone or anyone is worthy of healing. This is where trust and faith in God comes in. It is not you letting God or even allowing God to do anything. Like you really have that kind of power. We are just servants and as servants. We do and just be in the present presence. God is gonna do what God is gonna do. With or without your permission, acceptance, approval or even denial. Then there is that time thing. Your and my concept of time or when something should happen. Is also not even a consideration to God. Are you getting this. Because, It is really hard for me. I'm really good at. OK God anytime now. Yo God, how about now or next week at 1530 Hours eastern daylight time. LOL. But, I'm serious. I do that even knowing what I write above. Sometimes, I think I was born to bring more humor into the observance of God. Really. 
Sometimes, I think God will get His Angel buddies together, sit in their Godly recliners, make some popcorn. Then just watch and laugh at me. I'm just my own comedy central. No cruelty or meanness in this is expressed by me. Maybe, I will learn something. Are you the reader getting this? 
Becoming a stealth Healer means no attention to you and all gratitude to where it is supposed to go.
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