Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wispery Tickles: (Unedited) 06 June 2013:

Whispery wisps of angelic butterflies may be that which tickles your quiet spirit from time to time. 

Have you ever been so quiet and then suddenly you just smiled or giggled for no apparent reason?
Then looked around to see if anyone saw you smile? In that moment you were probably the source of amusement for those little unseen angels that flutter about. Or maybe that which tickled your soul was that newly gleaned wisdom in which you cannot comprehend until you have had time to digest the information from those innocent little angels.
Your spirit within can listen to those angels of various creations. Even if you think you don't believe in angels or even your spirit. Just because a thing is unproven does not mean it doesn't exist.
Isn't this how God is said to speak to us? In hushed whispered tones that may emanate through the rustling of breeze blown leaves. The angels speak to us. In order to aid us, teach us and to develop us. They may even whisper just to wake us up in that moment of absolute clarity.
What is this symbol?
What does this symbol mean?
What is the origin of this symbol?
Something interesting happens when you spin it.

Place of Inspiration:
Enchanted spirits
712 Broadway
Dunedin, Fl. 34698