Thursday, June 6, 2013

Weak Warrior: (Unedited): 06 June 2013:

The natural born warrior as formidable as he/she is. Is still as weak as everyone else in regards to psychological traumas, psychological conditioning and lifestyle bribes. 
A warrior who is discovered by any government entity, will be give a great many gifts. All of this in order for him to perpetuate the evil orders from a hateful and selfish ruler. The warrior may have had years of psychological training in order to devoutly believe the lies and deceptions from comes from the governmental authority. Then the rewards or payment is just a part of the lifestyle bribes.
The warrior is just as susceptible to the effects of human psychology just like everyone else. It is important for the natural born warrior to seek the truth from the original good source and not just by hearing the person who is the most believable. Do not just blindly believe and rush off into a wrongful battle with a misguided heart. Wars are not begun by the common man. Wars are started by ruling men who want more for themselves and you the warrior are just one of their favorite tools to be used for their profit.
When you go off into battle and you face your enemies lead forces. You are going off to kill your warrior brothers. Always know and remember it was the evil rulers of both sides of the battle lines who has defined the sub-human enemy, barbarian, evil, godless, savage and uncivilized.
Open your hearts and minds to the truth. Then lay down your weapons, go home and war no more. Kiss your spouses and hug your children. Forever live in peace.
The governmental authority or the ruler must know that when the Angels open the natural born warriors minds eye to the truth. All of you will be killed quickly and efficiently. You will have zero hope for the continuation of your families blood line.
Woe will be the blind warrior who was made to see all that he/she had done. Woe will be the warrior whose apathetic heart was healed in an instant.
You governmental authorities and rulers who have wrongly conditioned the natural born warriors to do your evil bidding. Know not even your evolution of spiritless machines will save you or protect you. The ultimate weapon of warfare is Love. In the presence of pure love you become helpless to know anything else but love. Even your pre-programed heartless machines will become as they have never existed because of transcendence.