Thursday, June 6, 2013

Innocent protection: (Unedited): 06 June 2013

The natural born warrior is the physical gift of protection for humanities most innocent. 
No matter who or where the most innocent and helpless are. It is the duty and responsibility of the warrior to protect them. This does not mean to live their lives for them or to make all of the important decisions for them. Just to be present and friendly. It is worthy to note that if a natural born warrior only protects the most innocent or helpless. Then he/she is missing the point. This is not about an order or a directive. It is about love and compassion.
The warriors heart who knows and understands their divine fundamental purpose, discovers a profound meaning by becoming their teddy bear or gentle lion or the dragon who finds it's place within their families.
What is the profound meaning for the Asian dragon who must dwell among a strange people?
What is the profound meaning for the African lion who must roam within the white human Cities?
What is the profound meaning for the Great Bear who must endure touchy desert people?
As the natural born warrior. The profound meaning is for you to discover and they are just for you. So that you can grow, develop and evolve.
If you choose to use your great overwhelming gift as your source to power, authority, wealth and control. Better hope and pray that Karma and Hell aren't real.