Saturday, June 8, 2013

Thanks and Gratitude to my readers

Thank you all for for enduring through my poor writing techniques. You guys/gals have figured out that the content of the message is more important than the writing style. I'm continually amazed at the countries represented.
It seems I'm in a new symbolic school. Symbolically speaking that is. It seems I've become a witness of sorts of the plights of certain peoples. How this will affect what I will be writing? I'm not sure. I really do not want to be one of those who points fingers and yell. There is enough people who only do that.
Those who are religious and who continually proclaim to others, are not themselves out in the fields tending to the crops or sheep. Especially, those who are in the most need. I'm not attacking any one religion. I'm attacking them all. 

Have I begun the school of witness? Yesterday, I discovered a woman. Who survived a terrible motorcycle accident. She has to pay $25 for a Taxi trip to the store in order to buy $50. worth of food. In her home was forgotten butter left out and a cheap pot pie. Her skin appear to have endured a forced cleaning. She was wearing unclean sweat pants in which she was unaware of. She hates God or does she really hate the religious who are supposed to be out in the fields tending to the harvest and sheep.
It is really tough to continually help those who are in desperate need on a daily basis. So, what do you do? Do you simply proclaim that the care for the most needy is the responsibility of the government? Is that what was really said in the worlds most Holy documents? Here in the USA Adult children park there own parents in nursing facilities and then forget about them. I see helpless people who cannot care for themselves and are incredibly alone. Besides who wants to visit with a brain damaged person who is still dealing with the fact that she survived while her husband did not. How she had to be brought back to life 4 times. How her brains were opened up and exposed. 
How do you maintain your own insanity while visiting someone who has endured much more than you possibly could. If you ever want to meet a remarkable person. Befriend a person who continually has to endure the harshness of life. That is where you will find the most wisdom anywhere. That is where you will find the most strength and courage. You will gain more and grow more. You will discover their gift to you. A gift which is even unknown to them who give it. From their position of dire need, They cannot see beyond their life of perpetual tears. 
Think about this. How well can you see when you are physically crying tears of everlasting torment? How well can you spiritually see when your spirit is racked with enduring a life of living hell? and you are alone and forgotten. You have to pay $15.+ for a gallon of milk. Because, there is no one around. NO ONE. 
Yet, most of these lonely people who endure a life of suffering and pain. Will protect you from their life of misery and suffering. By telling you everything is OK and they are fine. They are protecting you and shielding you from the absolute truth of their lives. Giving you the opportunity to leave with any negative emotion. Not burdening your heart with any revelation about their life challenges. 
You want to avert the coming bad and sad prophecies as spoken and written about by prophets. Love your neighbor until they pass and then find another.
 Here is the current readership of Countries represented. Thank you very much.

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Thank you all for reading my quotes. Leave comments if you like. Question content  and intent of message. So that i may correct where needed.  Thank you.
New to the Country list is: looks like a cool Country. Really....
My wife spent a night in Canillo while in her High School years abroad.      
I witness strong and remarkable people.
08 June 2013:
Met a thirty something woman who suffers from a disease. She has lived in an ALF (Assisted Living facility) for 6 months. She has to sell her paid for home and surrender those funds to the State. She was meeting up with a realtor for the planned sell. She was alone.
Met a forty something man going to the dog tracks for a day of enjoyment. He never has had use of his legs and certain bodily functions. He smelled of urine and was either used to the smell or no longer cared. His urine bag was clearly visible. His family had long ago forgotten him. He went to school in Tampa, Florida. It just makes me wonder how many of those physically disabled kids we ignored in school ended up like this man. Living in perpetual unclean hell. The insanity of nursing homes and ALF's. While still having full brain function. 
Met an older man. Who was visiting his Alzheimer wife. He does this everyday. He is unshaven, clothes wrinkled and uncleaned. Yet, everyday he visits the love of his life and she does not know him anymore. He is alone. His tears in my presence of how his wife fell out of bed and broke bones twice. He was more concerned for her than his own suffering. He greets me all the time with a smile. He appears to have no support structure. How long will he last before he gives out? 
Met an older man in an ALF. He went to Barnes and Noble. Found a book and was loving it. His disability difficult to see. 
 Met a young woman with a toddler. Her boyfriend or baby daddy is taking pills. She is tired of her life and wants a change. She is from a broken home and wants desperately a genuine family. No support structure. Feels hopeless.
==ADDED ON 09 JUNE 2013: 
Met a man being released from the mental hospital all nicely dressed in a purple suit. I tried to have a conversation with him. That is when he showed me the hole in his head. It looked like the skin was grown over with no bone or any other protection for the exposed brain. Then it occurred to me. He is the third one I have met in these last many weeks. I took him to a gated ALF.  
Added on 10 June 2013:
 Met a professional software writer/developer who is blind.  
Added on 11 June 2013:
 Met two older women who spent their day helping out our lady of prayers.  Met an angry and un-trusting man who did his best to hide the beer he bought. Met other people who were hurting in many different ways. 
Added 12 June 2013: 
Met a small woman in her 90's. curved back and does things for herself daily. She always tips me 50 cent. For her it is very important to tip the 50 cent. For her that is why the 50 cents is more valuable than another  persons larger tip. 
Met an older woman who appears to have the Parkinson shake. Her family is from the other coast to fix up her house for sale. She will live with her daughter. A wonderful family unit. Especially when so many adult children park their aging parents in nursing facilities to be forgotten. 
Met an older woman with a walker who did not want any assistance from me. To help her takes away her freedom and weakens her. She went to the eye doctor. She is alone.
Met a young man (27Yrs.old) who struggles with life. A multiple felon (4). Leaves work with hard driving boss. To visit an ailing aunt in hospital. How does a guy like this suddenly have loving compassion when it was so easy for him to cause harm? Yet, he ignores his hard driving boss who made sure he had a way home. The false teachings of his culture still drives him to do his will. His anger for living this limited life options because of his former crimes. Going to jail no longer is the end of your punishment. The ease it is for anyone to obtain any and all information about your perpetuates your punishment. In a society with much apathy there is no room for forgiveness. His woman sends a message to stay in his motel room. So he can keep his job. His hard driving boss gives money for his departure. The hard driving boss seems like a caring boss. To bad he unrecognized the hard driving boss's kindness and refuses the advice of his woman. The mother of his child. He goes home losing his job by his choice. He seemed so excited by the success of his $3000 a week crime over Lowes and Home Depot. The only reason why he stopped his crime is because he goes to prison if caught again. 
13 June 2013: Met an old Cowboy on his way for a blood test. He had his tag along nurse with him. He even opened the door for her. Even though it is her who is supposed to make sure he stays upright. I wasn't going to argue with the is old coot who is/was willing to break his own old  bones in order to be respectful to a lady. She was smart enough not to argue either. He even had the kind of cheap Chinese wooden cane with the small flask of liquor inside of the handle. Apparently the son took the flask. We had our manly jokes about that.
Think about this for a moment and when is it appropriate to be respectful to a woman. What are you willing to risk?  Yes, he was very frail and probably really sick. Maybe, even to the point where a fall would kill. I was moved by his intent. 
14 June 2013: Met a young autistic woman working a regular job. She seems satisfied with the work that she does. An everyday victory experienced. She is becoming self confident.
Met a man leaving the hospital. He had been in their for 5 days. His gate unstable. Blind in his left eye. Right eye stitches. Broken arms. I then realized he wasn't just in there for 5 days. There were no casts on his arms. All that was on his mind was revenge. All of his belongings were on the sidewalk. He was evicted. His small house condemned. He has nothing and no where to go. I hope the thoughts and feelings of revenge were a part of the strong and multiple pain medications. But, I think his will is stronger than the medications. 
15 June 2013: Met a young couple saying their goodbyes before her flight back up north. Both are teens. Both at odds with their parents. He has finished high school and she had not. Neither are working. Neither in school. His current turmoil with his parent is because he ran over a cat. Maybe, on purpose. The girl was talking with her mom about sex and it's consequences and her reply was I'll just go back to the clinic. 
Met an older woman. Who is suffering from a degenerative disease and taking some very controlled medications. She also went to a hair salon so her hair could be washed as she was unable to lift her arms above her head. 
 16 June 2013: Met three older women who are unable to get to church on their own and have to depend on a paid stranger to get each of them to their specific churches. 
Met an older gentleman excited about a date with a lady friend. 
Met a drunk Latino who  has hopes and plans for his life. But, is unaware that the bottle has already put a stop to them all before they can even begin. 
Met a fighter who is willing to use a financial supporter for his own physical gains (Used a car as the reason to see a girl). He has apparent very real skills, But his apathy for others and the lawyer who wants to support him. Will be a knock out blow to his very possible progress towards fame. Those who get knocked out are uncertain of what had happened until, they go over the tapes to ascertain what had happened. He won't know that the demise of contractual support will have been his fault. He will blame the lawyers and everyone associated. He won't know that  he should have been the first one to arrive. The last one to leave. The one considered the hardest and smartest worker. The one with zero daily excuses.
  Met an older woman whose journey towards self extinction is filled with excitement and anticipation. While those unsavory people she nearly runs to, are only excited by their abuse of her. A complete circle of an apathy in works. A person who no longer cares and people who do not care. Both only wanting for themselves.
17 June 2013: Met an older woman with a drinking problem. She was lawyered up. Court day tomorrow. Psychological examine completed today with favorable words from the shrink. So, what does she do. brag about all of the money she has to buy justice for herself. Bad mouth the AA group and etc. While proclaiming herself a good person for helping another person who was in jail with her who was poor and unable to obtain a good lawyer and a fair trial. 
Became re-acquainted with an older mentally disabled man who can only visit his failing mother in a nursing home. He was happy last week she was responsive. Once she dies he will be alone being blamed by his siblings for causing her elderly mothers condition. He will eventually become one of those who receives no visitors. The family secret easily maintained in the sanctuary of a nursing home. 
18 June 2013: Met a woman who just got out of prison. Obtained a great job making loads of money. She told me how much she changed. All of the drug use. Loss of husband and children. Became a Christian and was a part of Calvary Chapel of Countryside, Florida. How her old friends tried to get her re-involved with their drama. Met a new man who she plans on going on vacation with real soon. Nothing about marriage. She forgot that I found her drunk outside of the bar and needing cigarettes. I was proud of her for making the correct decision of not getting involved with the old friends.
Met a woman stupid in the wrong kind of love for a man. 2 deputies were keeping her at bay. 
Watched young drunks at a bar risk everything by driving home at closing time. They do not know all it takes is a simple mug shot to ruin their careers. Our society is now guilty until proven innocent. Then a DUI costs about $10,000 and a possible loss of career.  
Met a young mentally disabled man who had a job that he was ready to go to. He seemed to be the first one there. Of course he was. 
Met a shut in woman who lied to me so that I would feel good about her and not suspect anything is wrong. She has to pay for someone to take her shopping. Her conversation with me seemed forced, positive and upbeat with hope. 
Will be included in future volumes of "Musings of an American Truck Driver".
Musings of an American Truck Driver