Sunday, June 9, 2013

Unfortunate Enjoyment: (Unedited): 08 June 2013:

Finding enjoyment in other peoples unfortunate occurrences is inhumane. 

I've caught myself at enjoying other peoples unfortunate events. Especially on YouTube. Those skate board crashes, motorcycle crashes, Big truck crashes. The bully who gets smashed. AND ETC.
This is a self realization of myself. What is the harm in enjoying a person smashing his face on concrete? It is a great harm to your own mind and spirit. The person who epically crashed and smashed his face on concrete was only harmed once physically and a second time to know his embarrassment is seen world wide and thirdly knowing his friends (Who are not) may have put it on YouTube. Fourthly every person who watches these kinds of videos is harming themselves mentally and spiritually. So the harm is more than what appears to be harmless enjoyment. It is passive harm to you the viewer.
Making positive and loving changes within your own self alters the entire world for the better. It has to be within you from the beginning and by your own free choice. Without threats should you make these changes on your own.