Monday, June 10, 2013

Responsible Freedom: (Unedited): 10 June 2013:

Absolute freedom without personal responsibility leads to extinction of the whole. 
Absolute freedom will always be absent from any law or authority. Ridicule or Moral Judge. Sin or guilt of evil.
You right now have the absolute freedom to do whatever it is you want to do. But, you do not because of fear, The consequence of law enforcement and the judge,  How other people will perceive you. Ridicule and embarrassment. These are just a few things.
The religious fear their God or god's. The religious fear their righteous codes traditions and laws .
Those who are holy or righteous transcend absolute freedom to do, think and believe in those things which are right and correct. While refusing wrong.

You can right now freely drink as much of your favorite alcohol beverage as you can.
You can take as much drugs as you like right now. Assuming you know how not to buy them from a cop.
You can also go and rob a bank. Assuming you can run faster than a Motorola radio that the cops use.
You can do anything else you want to do. For as long as you want to do them.
What keeps you from freely walking up to some big and bad gang member in a dark alley, then kicking him in the shins? Getting ridiculous?

Absolute freedom absolutely enslaves you into the world of addictions, diseases, disabilities and finally untimely death. Which is personal extinction.
Absolute freedom for the whole family, or whole city, or whole state, or whole country or the whole world. Will absolutely lead to the extinction of the whole-eventually. 

Research how Spain used liquor to attempt to gain an upper hand over the Apache under Cochise.  I believed that the Americans did the same thing against other Native Indians as well. Although, I'm not sure who originated the idea. Liquor was used as a weapon of psychological warfare. It's addictive properties has been known for a very long time. So before you take the next drink or next toke of that mind altering substance. Someone somewhere wants to enslave you and control you.
Personal responsibility, Personal honor, Personal self respect, Personal righteousness all enables a person, a family, a clan or tribe, a nation and the world to grow and thrive. To love one another as brother and sister. To live in peace with all persons and to exist in harmony with all of creation.
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