Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Answers Journey: (Unedited): 09 July 2013:

Expect not an answer to be freely given. Especially if it would stifle your growth and development. Some answers require a journey.
An answer easily given to you can cause you great harm and bring to a stoppage of any further development.
It's kind of like learning Algebra. Instead of the Instructor teaching you Pre-Algebra he just gives you the answers. If you do nothing more in Pre-Algebra. Then in Algebra 1, you get the same instructor and again he gives you all the answers.
Then when you take Algebra 2. Now you have a different instructor. How hard will it be for you to learn? How will you feel? What if the school finds out and takes away a year of those classes?
It's cool to get free answers. That is selfish short term thinking. That instructor has harmed you worse than some bully beating you up.
The person who freely gives you any answer. Is causing you harm by disallowing you to learn how and why you came up with the answer. The how and why is more important than the answer.
The importance of algebra and other advanced mathematics foundations. isn't whether or not you will use it daily or even profit from it. The importance of algebra and other mathematical foundations. Trains your brain for reason and logic. These advanced math concepts are that crucial for a young minds development in being able to think critically instead of always thinking emotionally. 
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