Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Questions Journey: (Unedited): 09 July 2013:

Sometimes the silence is the best response to your questions. The journey of answer discovery has greater rewards, than a simple answer given. C.J.MacKechnie
 When we pray to our GOD of our own understanding. Sometimes we get silence. This can be very frustrating to any of us. Especially me. I can be impatient at times. Then GOD sends me a spiritual LOL.
It is simple. We cannot grow, develop or evolve if our lives is of absolute ease and comfort. If every single answer to every conceivable problem is instantly given. If it all were, Then why live physically? Even our bodies must have stress, weight, effort in order to grow stronger. If you just remained in bed for a given time. Your muscles will atrophy, then a time later you will die.

 May be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: