Friday, July 5, 2013

Factual Concerns: (Unedited): 05 July 2013:

Not being concerned with your present will translate into your future. Your future state of being will be the factual result of what you truly cared about in the past. 
That which you think about in the here and now is that which is important to you right now.  So in your irresponsibility you desire to spend all of your time playing games instead of growing your intellect or evolving your soul. You will have neither and a profound sense of critical stagnation in your life. A stagnation so profound that achieving victories in new games or using new more powerful machines can not even quench.
If you do not begin to spend time in developing your intellect and physical skills. You will find yourself unable to even play the games you really want to play. Your gaming friends will migrate away from you as they migrate away from the old and obsolete. Your real life friends will begin to disappear as they go off to college and develop new friendships which will go along with them in their journeys. Then other friends who do not go off to college will begin their working careers out of trade schools. Thus, a third tier of friends which will leave you. You need to realize that it was you who became stagnant by choice in a universe that is constantly moving. So, just by doing doing which will benefit your life is the fundamental choice which ended all of your friendships. It is not your friends fault. They could not and would not remain stagnant just for you. Doing so would jeopardize the quality of life in their future.
For you it is not to late. Get focused back into your studies. Create a plan. Work the plan until it is completed. No quitting. Quitting is not an option to even be thought of. Accept no excuses. Start over if you have to. Begin at the bottom. End the stagnation in your life by you moving forward under your own power. Even if you have to go get that GED. Then do so. Then go to a trade school and get a trade. Then don't stop there. Keep going. Go to college and get that Associates then Bachelors, maybe 2 or 3. Go for that Masters or 2. Follow up with A PHD. Your limitations in this life is created by you or those which you have agreed with.
 May be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: