Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lonely Trust: (Unedited): 06 July 2013:

Becoming Trustworthy eases the feelings of loneliness in others.
Those who have been hurt time and time again. Tend to begin a process of separating themselves from society. This can lead to isolation of the individual at all levels.
How amazing would it be if people reacquaint themselves with being trustworthy. A person who can trust another without question or doubt is comforted down to the soul.
This is important. One of the symptoms of apathy is the loss of trust. Apathy is not caring about what other people think. Thinking always leads the emotion in a healthy mind. Can you see where all of this is going yet? Do a label search for other writings about apathy. You cannot care about everyone's emotional state and not care about what they think. It is impossible. Can't have one without the other. This too is another false teaching in society which is believed as a truth. A lie will always be a lie even if you wrongly believe it to be a truth.
You cannot experience the heart of Christ when you believe the lies and deceptions in society are true. Yes, you may be a Christian. But the false beliefs within you will block any of the spiritual gifts from GOD/ALLAH from ever manifesting or even be intimately recognized by you.
 May be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: