Thursday, July 18, 2013

Manhattan Death: (Unedited): 18 July 2013:

The significant birth of New Manhattan will  mean the inconsequential death of Manhattan. 
This is prophecy. This particular prophecy is more certain than probable.
Just as New Manhattan grows and populates so to, Manhattan will shrink and depopulate.
 This process is entirely planned and known by those who desire to harm the USA. Their money has already been gifted to the surrogate parent. With an expectancy of return +. The pregnancy is now obviously visible. Only about 6 to go.
The prophecy of the + is only probable in the short and mid term. The long term may not be probable.
Prophecy is only probable, when a simple revelation can alter everything. Which must be followed with good and righteous works of prevention.
This is not like those Theological Doomsday Preachers who preach in order to cause fear amongst their congregation in order to bring in more people and more money. These events which will be coming do not care about churches or money. The only thing which will prevent any and all of the bad and sad prophecies is the change within your own heart and mind. It doesn't matter what religion you practice. It only matters the over all condition of your Being/soul.
 May be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: