Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Logical Emotions Notes: (Unedited): 20 Aug 2013:

Beginning new logical thought process. New logical math process.
Wisdom, Knowledge and understanding you strive for can be used three ways. Actively For good and for evil, Inaction for good and for evil, Spiritual Good and evil.
There is a logical math process of emotion. Love, Peace, harmony equals life. The mathematical arrangement is unknown to me and this is the best way I can formulate it.
There is also a contrary logical math process of emotion. Hate, War, Chaos equals Death.

Both formulas are absolute certainty's when they are in within their absolute outward expression.

There are degrees of both in which time becomes a factor. The greater the degree the less time remains. The lesser the degree the greater time remains. Either way a predictive conclusion results. Both formulas can be mixed with one another. Which creates a vast number of probabilities in which life and death will result. The ultimate degree of one set of factors over the other will dominate wholly. Life or Death.

The degree of life or death can be experienced a variety of ways.  A single person, a single family unit, A family name, A families gene pool, An entire family grouping, An entire tribe or clan, An entire city, An entire state or region, An entire country, An entire continent, The whole planet and etc.

There can be survivors or even a remnant of survivors when a cataclysmic event occurs.  It matters not if it is natural, man-made, outside influence, or a combination of all. All of it can be applied mathematically.

The new stuff.
The selfish ego centric nature of a man who is governed by dominance, competition, hate and other commonly considered negative emotions. Will actively show a level of apathy for their human brothers and sisters.
Wisdom, knowledge and understanding seems to magnify Hate, War, Chaos and death within a selfish ego centric soul. All of those energies within one being makes an incredible physical expression of powers influence.
 There is an associated math formula with this that I'm blind to.

A pure person who is governed by love, peace, harmony and life will use the wisdom, knowledge and understanding outwardly and not in it's accumulation for the thirst for more and more power. On the surface, it only appears the innocent man has zero power. This is only where the illusion lies and deceives those who are truly worldly in an unnatural way. 
 The power is not centralized within one individual. The good individual divides the power to all who has the heart for fundamental change into the light of goodness.

 The good person shares freely all of the power. This is why truly good people are seen as weak.
 While the evil person keeps for themselves all of the power and shares nothing with no one. This is why they are seen as very powerful individuals.
The truth is contrary to appearance. The evil person is the weakest of all. While the good person is the strongest of all. It is a relationship to what is truly important. The natural or the unnatural. This is where the truth is.

Do you want to live or die? Then your actions will follow one of two formulas.
Life= Love, Peace, Harmony, Truth
Death= Hate, War, Chaos, Lies

Choose This:
Love one another.
Live in Peace.
Exist in Harmony.
So that all may experience a life worth living.
 May not be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: