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NFL Mutiny: (Unedited): 22 Sept 2013:

The team of slaves has become so tormented. All they can do is quietly mutiny. 
The team in which the individual players all decide to lose a game based on a fouled critical play. One player for one game and then another to take his turn for the critical error. In time the evil coach shall be replaced. But, it changes only the face of evil. The whole of the teams ownership is the source of the evil. The ownership cares not for the team, city, fans or even the NFL. To them it is only an investment. To get all of the wealth they can get by any means necessary. Even hiring a coach who believes that dishonorable play is a fundamental right of the game.
College Athletes which are to gain entry into the NFL may absolutely refuse to play for the evil team. There legal recourse may be in the extreme negotiations of delay until traded to any other team.
Current players may decide to revisit those old injuries in order not to play, which will cause the coaching staff to conclude trading options.
Even players from other teams won't even want to go to this team of evil enslavement.
  The team leader who has not chosen to be. Must take his stand publicly. With his team players standing behind him in defiance. To sacrifice your entire career for the good of the whole is the game of nobility. Is he brave enough and are the other players brave enough to take that stand against the coach and of the ownership? The risk is great and the outcome uncertain. The fan base will support honorable and ethical game play. No city wants to be considered the evil city which houses the evil team who plays without honor or respect for the game. Just like cheaters want to remain secret and so do those who promote evil.
The ownership shall profit greatly by the efforts of individual players losing a game in a single 4th quarter error-ed play. Thus, if the team manages to lose every game. The ownership shall profit as they do in player negotiations. Through legal slave trade.  The current coach shall be fired. Another one just like him will be found and declared to be the savior of the team. He shall not be. The evil lies and deceptions of racial hatreds goes to deep within the teams ownership history. Their social racial hatreds also runs deep.
The curse upon this team shall remain. Until, such a time that the ownership loses or gives-up their position of authority.
Even if the ownership is passed to any other who is under the authority of the vile ownership. The curse shall remain forever. Until such a time. The team is no more. Moving the team to another location shall not alter, end or prevent the curse. 
After the losing seasons. The local regions fan base shall not go to the stadium. The ownership will raise the prices to cover their loses. Causing more losses. This will be their intention. The ownership will move the team to a new location.


The Lies and Deceptions of RACE:

We are all one humanity, one species and one family. When all of the common peoples unite together to love one another, to live in peace with each other and to exist in harmony. Then we all can find a very rich life we all can live with great meaning.
If you cannot separate yourself from the lies and deceptions of the separation and division of the races. Then you, your family and your entire church will/may not be one of the elect, protected, saved or raptured. You must begin to know and believe that we are a single race of beings called humans. We are all brother and sister to one another.

The DNA fingerprinting was established in 1984. Read it well. Believe the truth and reject the lies you have only known as truth.
The history of humanity told by many different traditions.
From about 8 minutes and 50 seconds to the introduction of the European leader. Listen good. This was in 26 June 2000. President Bill Clinton Library.
Research for yourself the Human skin. learn how it is the largest organ of the human body. Learn about all of the primary functions of the human skin. Then learn about the minor function of the coloring of the skin. Learn how if you lose a primary function of the skin. You can die. Where as if you lose your skin coloring. You will just be uncomfortable, but still living with possible social ridicule. Now, after you have learned all about your human skin. Ask yourself this. Why do we not compare other organs of the body with other people such as the liver, kidneys, gall bladder and etc. How come there isn't racial stereo types for those who can drink much alcohol and those who cannot drink? Why? Race or the coloring of the skin is illogical and without any actual fact. 
With the debt of the state government.
The poor quality of education and financial investment.
The state will have to retain their ability to be a retirement state. While at the same time not becoming a state where low trained people will want to move. After 2008, low trained and low end persons will become a never ending financial burden to the state. Because of this higher quality workers and higher educated people will avoid moving to the state. Because of the low quality of education families will want to not locate to this state.

The average income rates will become as close to the legal minimum wage as possible. Because of this. The average person will not be able to go to any professional event. This is why the stadium seats will remain empty and why concessions will become low profit. So, Ownership must move to areas where professional income growth is occurring and not where minimum wage incomes are increasing.
The coach is the Captain of the owners ship. Mutiny can mean the loss of the entire ship for the owner. Even if the owner desires to move his ship to a different location. The owner must save face even during the coaches public battle of defending his own respect and false sense of honor in which he has none.
For this coach and/or team management has released information about a player which should not have been released. Upon seeing the actions of this coach. He may have just symbolically hung himself. As any professional or college team may not consider hiring him after he gets fired.
The local Media outlets should do research about how he has used unsportsmanlike conduct on the playing field.
The local media outlets should also do research on the new coach to come, as he will be similar to the guy who was just fired. You will see it is an ownership issue and the curse will follow the old coach as well as the ownership, when they plan to move the team.
Changes must happen within the players union and within the NFL. Players should not be treated as slaves. Even though some players become very wealthy. When the ownership, management and coaching staff puts into place actions which are dishonorable, unsportsmanlike and other actions which could cause injury. A player and or players on that team need to have a way to save their careers.
The prideful captain has ordered the release of his nemesis. The leader of the players is now a freeman. It looks like he may have also lost his career. With his release. The coach has also proclaimed a winning season, while blaming everyone else for every problem. The coach is the problem and will continue to be a problem. Until he gets the team of his own creation. A team of players who will do whatever is necessary to win. Which will include unsportsmanlike practices.  The team will become a team of dishonor.
The dishonor of the coaching staff is becoming high. The rejection of any visitor to engage of any of the players is a weak excuse to hide their evil doings.  The players may and will sabotage any win. This is the only way the players can rid themselves of an awful coach and staff. Unless, of course the ownership will release any player from contractual agreements. This will be the evidence the NFL will need to take action against ownership and coaching staff. Of course this will not happen. The news media will need to put more pressure upon the coaching staff and ownership. This may just be a plan to move the team. While sacrificing the players future opportunities and the city in which they have legally rob. 
Today, I have received a 2 first persons reports  of more evil occurring at the stadium where this NFL Team plays. Apparently, the property management or event management organization which represents the owners.  They actively take financial advantage over people who are incapable of defending themselves in any kind legal action. What I'm trying to say is the event or property management organization actively cheats their day labor crews of hours. Which means each individual day labor worker gets cheated out of their minimum wage pay check. Each of the day labor workers were only cheated out of approximately 1.5 hours each. Neither of the day labor workers were cheated the same amount. These two workers want to work and were willing to drive the 50 plus mile round trip to do the event. Neither of their cars gets good gas mileage. Which of course is not the NFL Teams owners problem or concern. 
 So, what can day labor workers do? absolutely nothing. These guys want to work but have some serious life issues going on and to sue an NFL team or their representing management agents for about $6. Maybe you the reader cannot see the importance of a loss of $6. especially after going to Starbucks. But, to these guys a loss of $6. is a loss of two meals. Which means they miss two meals or worse a lost opportunity to spend a night in a cheap motel. Yes, may day labor are homeless active workers who actually work and have absolutely nothing of financial asset.
So, what do you think of this NFL FOOTBALL Team. This is an absolutely true story.

One man is a recovering bad guy with 3 small kids and a wife. He is doing his best to live right. 
The other guy is still somewhat lost between good and bad. He may actually get to the good side of life. He is currently married and does pay his child support. In which he speaks of that without any negativity or curse words about the X-female person. This is good for him even though he may not really get it yet.

This team is actively pursuing the religious entertainment monies. Yes, you the owners may profit from this. But, know that your evil deeds will be seen by those good spirits of attends the games. Know that these religious people are not there to watch your NFL team.

I certainly hope you the reader can see the picture I am actively drawing about the ownership and the coaching staff. What do you call anyone who steals and takes advantage of people who cannot defend themselves? COWARDS and EVILDOERS.

It is my hope, that these heroes from Grambling State infects this NFL Team and other NFL teams with direct media action from all of the players, including the one forced to walk after dishonorable comments from the coaching staff or owners. If they collectively go forth in their own directions, such as making open comments in churches and consulting with a former Super bowl coach. Change will begin within the NFL. These players who are on the team and who are actively in mutiny are risking everything. I hope you can see that and not just believe the babble from any sports talk radio. Which only cares about wins and losses and how to prevent losses. When these sports talk show interview the coaches and players all they get is a string of positive cliches. In which the listener only wants to hear.  How can you prevent a team from losing games when they are in mutiny?.
Hey coach, I hope your bags are packed. You are just one reason why my team is an embarrassment. The owners are the ones who selected you and are the source of the teams woes. When the owners move the team. They will do as they have done. The owners only care about the NFL product as a revenue source. I do not believe they have any other emotional attachment to the NFL, TEAM, LOCALITY including your locality when and if they move. In which I think they will. This states growth in wages is all low income. Low income people do not go to football games or any other professional sporting event. To expensive.  Well, maybe bowling.
I'm pretty good at observing people. It is funny how certain observed belief systems develop into actual traditions in life for people. Like the belief that "it is only wrong if you get caught". How and when did this belief begin to take a foot hold in the USA? I think it all started when the politically powerful and wealthy is observed by the common people. When the politicians can live their lives without any consideration to morality, integrity and honor. The common people will see this as truth in very real action. When the wealthy can do whatever they want, no matter who it harms or even kills and then get away with it with a simple fine or judgement in their favor simply because they had better lawyers. A courts judge who only favors the arguments of the better lawyers is not a decision of justice administered, especially when right and wrong is not considered and only what is actual law is. We see this all of the time and it is our truthful reality. It is true that if you are wealthy and commit a crime, you are not likely to be punished to the same degree as someone who is poor and unimportant. This is a fundamental failure in our court system at every level. This observation by everyone has led to how they themselves believe in the act of stealing. It is only wrong to steal if you get caught, then if you get caught lie, lie and continue to lie. No matter what the evidence shows.
No matter what a person of wealth, fame or level of politics they have attained. They are the leaders of the world. Including professional athletes and baseball players. Including actors and anyone who is easily seen in the public. As such, laws, civil obedience should be set at a higher standard for these people. When they get a DUI and cause other public social problems. They should be sacked (Dismissed and loss of position).
This should also include any professional sports team. The owners and coaches should be held to a higher standard than those who just sit in the stands.

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