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Japan Domed Country: (Unedited): 22 Sept 2013:

Can the population of Japan fit inside a great domed city? Today, probably not. I saw a domed city and then two and then many more. Spreading and developing into a flower.
I saw a domed structure with many levels under the upper dome level. The below levels were the industry levels. The inside perimeter and outside perimeter were various sorts of housing.
I have drawn many pages of schematics of the whole thing.
The smaller domes out in the near distance were a sporting complex dome, A golden dome, an amusement dome and etc.
The central building was very tall. An amazing structure. There were many mono rail lines circling into and out of the central structure. The central building was the tallest.
There were rings of smaller and smaller buildings. Each directly connected to the dome structure.
The dome structure is designed to be self supporting as well as a stabilizing forced for each tower building.

Each building is designed to be self supporting as well an additional stabilizing structure for the dome structure.

The mono rail rings are designed to be self supporting as well as an additional supporting structure to each building. From above peering through the dome. The whole city looks artistic in nature.

Rail lines of industry and of personnel come and go from the domed city.
Rail lines come and go to the other domes on a regular time frame. All making up a great circle. 
An under the dome subway also transports people.
An under the dome road way for personal vehicles operate at a certain level.
An under the dome truck road way flows the heavy traffic of materials and supplies.
All of it is a singular building. All interconnected. 
Conflicting thought processes. Just trying to make sense of it all. Another puzzle with random pieces.

It will be necessary for those in Japan who have the way and means to move to do so.
It will be necessary for the Japanese to plan for the creation of this new domed city. Yes, stop all other major plans and build ASAP. This singular project could take decades to construct. You must select a location and begin the process. I had a vision of a location on the East Coast of Texas as well as western Minnesota. The Texas East Coast seemed to be the strongest of the vision. Coupled with a ultra modern Naval Port. In which an ultra-modern battleship of extra-ordinary capabilities were created. The new Battleship may be related to some kind of loss to the entire Island chain of Japan. Maybe a military loss, maybe natural or man made.

I had just found information about mines in Russia. Listed below. 

It is important for the Japanese people not to be the first to suffer the greatest during the beginning of the tribulations. All of the tribulations can be averted if all of the people will just love one another, live in peace, exist in harmony. So that we all can live a life worth living. Pursue peace with China. Pursue humble forgiveness.
Japan Prophecies in English.
script problems. Just stop it when the warning pops up.
I created an unknown art which may be related to this. It is not posted or published and dated 12 July 2012.
24 Sept 2013:
Is the survival of Japan tied to becoming either domed or doomed?
Is the survival of the Japanese people tied to becoming assimilated by the Chinese or any other peoples? They are brothers to one another. We are all brothers and sisters to one another.
I have recently become concerned with the radiation problem with their nuclear power plant problems. Radiation polluted water is being dumped into the pacific ocean. Either by accident or on purpose? Probably both. There is a news report of dumping 1000 tons of radioactive water into the pacific. Will this cause contaminated seafood and will the rains become radioactively hot? There have been some reports of elevated radioactive air over the Northwestern USA.
Will add those links later. You can do a simple Google Search yourself. 
Added content on 30 Oct 2013:

The Japanese government. must begin reconciliation with China. Then must make amends. They must seek Humble forgiveness. They should surrender the disputed islands. They must merge with China and become one nation and one people.
I am having my doubts over China. The social racism within the government is very disturbing. If the leadership in China will belittle their own people so blatantly and publicly. Then genocide of localities and of other peoples who simply do not appear as they do is also very likely. The path to peace is not with war machines and soldiers. Fight over a small island may lead to many deaths. Joining one another as brothers and looking up into the stars and reaching for them. Is so much more important than a silly island (Yes, I know this is insulting). You have to look at the big picture. Can you see as I do. Each of you Japanese, Chinese, Asians and all of humanity. Hopefully, each of you will evolve to the point to consider one another as human brothers and sisters. Then the journey towards a grand human destiny will begin.
This is a warning.
The Japanese People will become extinct or nearly extinct if the government does not take forward thinking action very soon. Their uniqueness will become merged with many other peoples at the very most. This is already occurring with mixed nationality marriages. 
The person or people who are in survival mode are past the long term planning stages. The person or people who are in survival mode are past protecting their assets, wealth and finances.
Before, survival mode begins. Plan your strategy for the protection of your society. This includes friendly relationships with China.

Alternative. The individual families and persons of Japan. Should leave their island very soon. As soon as your finances are in order. As soon as your plans are in order. This is just like receiving your personal death sentence for a medical doctor. Doesn't the wise person plan for the future of their surviving family members? This is the same thing. My Japanese friends be wise and humble in your planning.
Added on 31 Oct 2013:
Added on 24 Jan 2014:
 The wars are over Japan and China. Please do not rethink of those days of glories lost and won. Please take a step back. Look across your waters and witness your brothers and sisters. Look upon them as family and not your enemy. China look across your own waters and witness your brothers and sisters. Look upon them as family and not your enemy.
Each of you must journey to the isle of conflict and discover your future. Choose now. Will you choose life or death? Will you depart one another as a re-joined family or will you signal the beat of the war drums? To become a singular family unit means becoming a beautiful flower which spreads all across this world and the solar system. This is the only choices you have. Yes, China will eventually be victorious and the taste of victorious blood will become to much to do without. Then begins the human extinction process.

The human extinction process begins with a decision by those who garner great responsibility. Then the first shot will be taken. Then there is only ugliness, hatred and anger. An unstoppable death spreads everywhere. 

By becoming a singular people is only the beginning of the rise of the Asian brotherhood. Which will eventually evolve into a brotherhood of humanity. Thus, our journey into this solar system and galaxy publicly begins.

Financially reuniting into a singular country will be bad for the USA as their debt is held in a singular fisted hand. It is only a good thing in the short term that the USA benefits financially from the loss of one country to war. $1+ trillion in debt disappears. The victor of the war becomes weakened militarily and financially. This is short sighted for the politicians in the USA to want any war between Japan and China.

This is both a prophecy of hope and of a warning of death. The political leaders of Japan and China must mutually come together in acceptance and peace. Thus, breeds harmony for all and love for one another. Very logical and profitable for all. Except the USA.

My comments against the USA does not mean I am against or am a hater. This is my country. Prophecy is as it is. It is all about choices we all make at every level of responsibility in  life.

Only those who are living can witness a perfect flower. Asian unity is the beginning of the flowering of humanity across the galaxy.
Added on 27 Sept 2014: Content added from 2014 prophecy:
It may very well get rough for Japan. To lose their beloved Island. Is that the cost of their survival or of their genetic uniqueness to become assimilated into humanities genetic fabric. Pride and arrogance still festers in both Japan and China. Pride and arrogance may become the downfall of both. With the fall of China so do the hopes of all of humanity.
Added on 27 Sept 2014: The possible beginning to the end of island Japan. It has been 3.5 years since the Fukushima disaster. Now a surprise volcanic eruption in central Japan. 
A great tribulation comes to Japan. The leadership of Japan must turn away from their evil ways and re-seek what is means to be honorable. Must make amends with their siblings in China and elsewhere.
Added on 27 Sept 2014: I find it how interesting just how little I know of these visions and how much I know now and yet I still know nothing. Because, everything is only probability and of possibility as related to the incalculably number of possibilities. I do know of that I have written is of low probability of a better possibility. This is what I desire. A better possibility for a people who may become doomed. Can you see it? It is more probable for the people of Japan to become doomed and less probable for them to become domed.
Japan is a disaster against all of humanity. It is not just about the Japanese peoples. All the people of Japan and it's leadership must do is to humble themselves, seek forgiveness for all of their transgressions and then become one with the other Asian peoples, including China. This may also include submitting to China and everyone else. This is not about enslavement but rather of becoming humble and placing all of your pride into the holy sites now covered in ash.
Added on 26 July 2015: Added some minor content and edits above.
This is an update of what is happening with China and Japan. The news is not good and Russia is pressuring Japan with their own aggressive threats.
The military alliances are being established. The lines are being disputed. Japan, Australia, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India ?Vietnam? and the USA on one side.
Japan will need to establish itself as at least a little bit more than equal to either India and Australia. In order to create a solid military bond. Japan cannot be the weak link in any military agreement. in which Japan exclusively depends on the US, Australia and India for their primary defense. To be supported by South Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines. Even with all of this Military might aligned against China, Russia, North Korea. The US led alliance will not be able to sustain a fight longer than 30 days. China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and ?Germany? will need to survive longer than 30 days with the bulk of their military hidden away.
The Japanese people need to start having babies or in less than 50 years. It may not matter much. What Japan does militarily as they will not have the man power to operate a military. Can you imagine a story talking about Japan's Geriatric military force.
The worlds war forces are aligning against one another. With many who may decide who they shall fight with in that very last moment. Will Germany be for Russia while India be for China? Will there be a South American and Caribbean surprise against the US mainland and Florida? This is only 2015 and much can and will happen before the time.
So how did this become no longer about Japan?  Japans fate may already be set in a falling island and a falling people. In which only the few seem to be sighted enough to struggle for survival. Japans leaders prepare for war as does every other leader on the planet. Which means extinction for humanity shall come in the clouds of warfare. Our own self created extinction.
I still think Japan is that crucial piece. That small place. Just as Israel is so insignificant that it is of great importance. But can either of them survive without the USA? The USA's third consecutive 7 year discipline may very well come in 2015. Their Sin debt is to be paid in this third economic whipping. Maybe, It will be more in this third event. Maybe, the USA survives until 2022. Only the God of all knows.
I think it is interesting that Japan must learn to leave their rocky islands as a whole group in order to survive. Just as humanity must learn to leave this little rocky island of a planet as a whole group of human beings. Just to survive as a species. The reflection is nearly perfect. In each case the choice for warfare will mean extinction for Japan and for Humanity.
Until the time when the bombs fly and death is assured. There is still hope for Japan and for Humanity. If we each of the common peoples choose to love one another, live in peace and exist in harmony. While cherishing life.
Just think about this. It is the common people who go to war for the leaders of the world. By each of us living our lives with love, peace and harmony. We all can have a life worth living. or we all can have extinction. Those are our collective choices right now. Time is getting short.
Added on 14 April 2016:
To save face. The leaders of Japan have lied and deceived the people of Japan to the point where the extinction of the Japanese people has become a real thought. Godzilla has won and the people know not. Next all that is directly east and South of japan and then Washington, Oregon and California. It is not to late. Unless you already have an unexplained sickness.
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