Monday, September 23, 2013

Pruning Time: (Unedited): 13 Feb 2005:

The time of pruning will come soon. There will be a great cutting away, to be followed by a purifying flame. 
How does GOD define soon in the mind of a writer. The urgings of my soul still whisper soon. Then the time of the end of Man shall come. Even for those who hide deep within the Earth. There pride and egos declare them to be safe. They are not. The time shall come when all of man shall perish. The good along with the bad. The outcomes of both shall be very different. The good shall continue on and the bad shall end. Physical life isn't as important as spiritual life. Those who have embraced and show tangible evidence that Love, Peace, Harmony exists within them and without. Shall not fear when physical death comes to them. Those unbelievers who have continually refused and have lived a life with Hate, War, Chaos and death. Shall find the end of their entire being. So, physical death for them shall be a death of the entire being. Include the immortal spiritual parts they have denied-repeatedly.

Today and right now. Change your life.
 Learn the true nature of living a life worth living. 
Love One another. 
Live in Peace.  
                           Exist in Harmony.
Can you unlearn hate for whomever you have been taught is or was your enemy?
Can you unlearn violence and warfare? Can you unlearn murder, harm and abuse?
Can you exist without chaos? Your whole life has always been one fight after another, one battle after another, one war after another? Can you lay down your sword, gun and bomb? Will you?

If you can live by truly loving your brother and sister, living in peace with everyone, Exist in harmony with all. Then for you life shall be an option.
The pruning away of the good fruit from all of that which is bad. Is the saving of the remnant. So, the rest of what is left shall be purified in the fires heat.

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