Sunday, September 22, 2013

Auras Travels Notes: (Unedited): 02 Sept 2012:

"Tree Fire"

All of the bio-energy flows through the primary trunk of any tree, bush or grass. Until, that bio-energy is divided by each branch and is continually divided until the energy reaches each twig and then divided again and split up for each individual leaf. The leading edge of each leaf shines brighter than the whole leaf. The veins of each leaf shines brighter than the whole leaf. 
All of that bio-energy seems to flow upward and outward through each leaf. Then upward into the atmosphere.
The trees seem to have an ability to steer their energy into the direction of neighboring trees. Sometimes, it even appears that the whole tree begins to lean in the direction of other trees. 
The bark channels of the great oak tree. Seem to have multiple purposes. They seem to focus and accelerate the bio-energy up the tree. The bark channels seem to also act like steering mechanisms. Steering the bio-energy towards or away from the next branch.
Cut-off, damaged or removed branches appear as some sort of chaotic flame thrower. Seems brighter around the edges. Still random and sporadic (Maybe time related). The cut off branch disrupts the energy flow throughout that whole side of the tree. There is a back flow of energy which can collide with the energies flowing correctly (This maybe inaccurate observation as the tree may also receive bio-energies from other plant life). Thus, Disrupting those energies as well. (Disrupting may be inaccurate as responsive may be a better word).
The energy output, direction and how its outputted is unique to each individual tree. A unique identity. A unique language. The bark of each tree is a finger print and a vocalizing mechanism. Leaves are dual function. Transmitters and receivers of Bio-energy. The bio-energy appears as a upward flowing smokeless silvery fire. Which flows like an upside down water fall. Maybe, witnessing a water fall from underneath the water. Which is flowing backwards.
No secrets. No lies. No deceptions. All is known to one another. 

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