Saturday, September 21, 2013

Walking Already: (Unedited): 21 Sept 2013:

You are already walking the path in your own Journey. It is only for you to question and answer, whether or not you truly want to be on that path. 
What path is it you journey upon? Is it amongst the dead and dried up thistles which continually bite into your skin? Is it in the beautiful darkness of the Earth where you can see the whole light of the glorious universe? Is it on a beautiful beach under a perfect blue sky? In a field of beautiful green and golden grasses with a gentle breeze? Are you walking the dark and dank gutter path with all of the associated smells and red lights?
It is for you to always question and seek the answers of your spirit, mind and heart. It is for you, if you will it to learn the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the the path you have chosen to walk upon.
Do reach out and assist others with your own developed love and compassion for your human brother and sister. (Encouragement). Continue to Reach out to those who are willing to reach back to you.
Do seek out communication with others to learn the truths they have learned from their own path. 
Do not walk upon your path like an empty sea shell, only listening to the empty echoes of the past.
Do not walk your path under the control or advisement of another walker who seems to be successful in all things.
Do not hurry on your path, just because others are racing by you. Take the time to take-in the beautiful wisdom which surrounds you, even if your own path has much trials and tribulations.
Do not walk on another persons path with them on your back.
If you do not like the journey you are on or the path in which you walk upon. Then side step onto another path. This can be possible if your journey is on the path of self destruction. Just because you leave the path of self destruction, does not mean you will leave any of that information or developed disability behind.

Walk your walk with
                                         Purpose and Intention,
                                         Honor and Integrity,
                                         Holiness and Righteousness,
                                         Love, Peace and harmony,
                                                                                               It matters not the path you take
                                                                                               It only matters how you walk your walk.

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