Thursday, September 5, 2013

Third USA: (Unedited): 02 Sept 2013:

The USA becomes a third world nation. If the progression is allowed to continue as is. The USA will become a society of three different kinds of peoples. 1). Those with the "MOST" choices, opportunities and freedoms in life. 2). The managers and soldiers. 3). The basics of humanity. Numbers 2 and 3 are variants of slavery.

The basics of humanity will slowly begin to exist as other third world people live.
As the expense of fuels, electricity, food,water and other essential items increase. The basics of humanity will be slowly taught that vehicles and boats of any type, Electricity and plumbing in your home is a luxury item. The evolution of what the USA has today will be slowly unlearned. A luxury item where the word luxury does not exist.
The education of the basics of humanity will be more of socialism and cultural training of how a basic human is to think, feel and act within their collective identity. No one will ever think or believe that they can be anything more than what they are. These basic humans will be called by another name and not be identified as a slave class. The word slave will not even exist in the basic human class.

A form of pride and purpose will be taught as a noble thing to do their/part for the entire community and for the world. The dire condition of the whole world will be perpetuated. The history of the basic people will be maintained to a limited amount of years. Thus, begins the creation of the disaster. Which may not even be a real. The drive to be more productive in order to save all of humanity/themselves. Everyone everywhere is working a little harder than you/ your township. This will be the lie.
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The importance of education.

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