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Lifestyle Curses: (Unedited): 07 July 2013:

In all things that you do and do not do. Those things may become your curses from others for a period of time. 
Ending those curses may require a genuine apology as well as your lifestyle change. 
Beginning to end the curses within your life is being proactive in the preventative measures taken by you.
How to prevent the beginning of curses.
This is easy to answer. Be honest. Be a person of Honor and Integrity. Work hard and smart. Show your heart with an outward expression of empathy, mercy and compassion. A high standard of morality and ethics will benefit you in the long term of your life.
Do not accept anything which may have a questionable source. Meaning lost or stolen. Losers weepers does not mean finders keepers.  Do not make deals which hide any possible evil outcome. 

For instance. Some people will only help those who are stranded for an expected monetary reward.
Some people will capture a lost pet and wait for the flyers on  a light pole offering a reward. Then come in as heroes. 

This is about changing attitudes within a culture. This is about curing your own diseased heart filled with the poison called apathy. 

The curse of addictions such as drugs, cigarettes and alcohol are all chemicals which enslave a population to the will of the government or authority in charge. The illegal drugs will curse you with prison, disease and maybe death. The cigarettes will cause you to no longer care to the degree that you should care. The alcohol will cause you to make immoral decisions and exercise risky behaviors. Tie them all together and you become less than human. A very real curse which affects your own humanity.


How to end the curses in your life.
Some curses may only end in your death. These curses of diseases are supposed to be a reminder to everyone on how not to act unwisely. The prolonged use of mind altering drugs may cause you to contract diseases such as HIV/AIDS. The lifestyle of illegal drug use may cause you to contract other life style related diseases. Which will only end in your death. 
You may already live in a prison cell in which you will only become free of when your body ceases. This curse may not end for your body. But for your heart, mind and spirit. You can become free of the imprisoned curse. 
The curse of being an Ex-convict may always shadow you and your children. 
Over time, you may win a victory over some curses and this will only come with a genuine change with your heart, mind and spirit. You must no longer live with a criminal or gang member mindset. You must free yourself from cultural lies and deceptions. Such as racism and the acceptance of immoralities. 
You must freely reject which is evil as defined by the old ways and live by your own free choice the good ways to a good life. Only this way will a good life will be your just reward. Then your children who witness your actions in life. Will also know the profound unshakable truth in which you live by. A choice of truth. If your professional life and your personal life matches what your own children see in you. Then they should decide to live a good life as you have done. Good parents shall they become and a good parent shall be seen in you by the evidence of your own children's lives they lead. 

If you have curses in your life right now. Seek out all of those things which have a questionable past and rid yourself of them all. Even if it means you have nothing after you rid yourself of all of the illegal stuff.  
Rid yourself of all bad friends. Those who drink and drug. Those who steal, rob and conduct all other criminal activities. Those who deal wrongly and unfairly. Yes, this includes all business affiliations of any kind. You may end up alone for a time. This empty space in your being will awaken your heart and your own heart will begin to burn away all of the poisonous apathy that is within. You will feel the urge to go back to your old bad buddies. keep them in your dirty and dusty past. Just like watching your rear view mirror as you speed away. Staying away and keeping away from your old evil deeds may be in itself a trial and tribulation. This will be necessary for you to endure as your own sincerity is what is being tested. Are you lying to yourself or do you really want to have a good life becoming a good human being? There will be other tests for you to pass and they will not stop until your own personal end of days. 
The fixing of a flat tire with only a gratitude as a reward. The new ramp for a disabled person in which you get to supply the wood and her choice of paint and out of your pocket cash. With only gratitude as your only reward. What ever your gift and skills are in that is where your expression of true compassion and mercy shall be. 
This is how you only begin to end the curses in which you have created for yourself.
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