Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Faiths Fall: (Unedited): 23 Oct 2013:

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The fall from grace is easiest to know only after you have begun to fall. C.J.MacKechnie
The right and freedom to sin is of your own choosing. GOD is not going to stop you from sin. Because, your own sin is your own self determining state of being. It is your right to freely choose your final outcome, which is death. A person who desires to live will not sin and will not be surrounded by sin. Your safety and well being is directly tied to your your choice of sin and close proximity to sin. Just research where the conflicts and wars are.  Just research where crime is and where it isn't.  Research families broken apart by divorce. Research abuse and torture. Research alcoholism and drug use (Matters not the legality or cultural acceptance). See for yourself.
Do not live in sin or with sin. Do not accept sin as something to be legally tolerable.
The world can accept Christian Lights as opposed to the devout Christians. Who cannot tolerate any sin and should have separated themselves from the media of the world. Live in the world and not of the world.

Any and all sin keeps you from becoming righteous and Holy as defined by GOD.
Thus, your continued sin is what keeps you merely religious and under the thumb of those who thirst for power, authority and wealth. To find the evil leaders. All you need to do is open your eyes and witness their fruits.
Pray your own prayers to GOD by your own chosen tongue. Seek out direct knowledge and understanding From the source of all. When that which you learn does not contradict any aspect of love, peace, harmony or life. Then it is holy. When you live your life in the agreement of Love, Peace, Harmony and Life. You become a holy person wearing only sack cloth and having a more profound impact upon the world greater than any other nicely dressed person who has achieved holy certification from another human body. Which is more important a holy person of GOD or a holy man defined by men? No matter who you are or where you are from. You can achieve holiness as defined and graced upon you directly from GOD. You will not have to stand above and separated from your common brothers or sisters. You will stand with them and they with you. Joy is when you the actual holy person of GOD is able to teach and lead another person to be of greater than you can become.
This is prophecy. Thus, the world is witnessing the total collapse of the entire system of the Catholic Church. I do think my use of the term collapse is in error. There will probably follow along with  the collapse of the Catholic church much death, destruction and suffering.
This may be humorous to some, I am trying to be serious despite my own smiles.
The steps in falling or as follows. For sane and logical people who care about their own safety.
1). Awareness. Recognizing the danger. The realization that you could fall.
2) Prevention. Taking the necessary precautions to prevent yourself or others from falling. If you are successful.
                        The wise and understanding person will know safety and not fall. Stop reading these steps.
3) Fall Begins. Your scramble begins. Know that it may now be too late even if you have followed the richly
                          and so called holy men to the cliff of insanity. Pray that a truly sane and righteous person
                          will reach out his own hand. Risking their own life to save yours. The evil ones will also
                           beg for help as they feign their own fear. They will grab a hold of the hand and drag them down.
4) Falling. All hopes of your survival is lost. If you have any reason and sanity left. You will realize your error.
                  Which that self realized truth will only last until you realize the fall doesn't hurt.
5) Red Spot. That sudden stop. The end of all things for you or your organization in this life.It won't be pretty
                         and will probably be very gruesome. There may not even be a singular red spot in a singular
                          moment in time.


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