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Hoover Dam Prophecy: (Unedited): 25 Oct 2013:

This is a work in progress. 

This is late and I'm not the only one. I create this knowing that I have my Hoover Dam dream wrote down someplace and unable to locate it. To offer up an exact date.
My dream by memory. Current date unknown until I can find it on paper.
I have been trying to write this for the last few weeks.

My dream begins at night in Las Vegas, NV. I saw a number of men staying in the Luxor Casino. They were enjoying themselves.
Next I see the same men driving a box truck down the road leading away from Las Vegas towards the Hoover Dam.
They were able to gain access to the top road of the dam. They back up to the center arch of the dam and dump off there drums of explosives. The center part of the dam is destroyed.
That is the short version.
Added on 27 Feb 2014:
Security and other personnel at Hoover dam are killed. It would not matter what weapons they have/had. The skill and training of the men are superior. You can only watch their resolve when their mission begins. They will succeed.
 Resources and research materials. Some of which is weird. One person who claims to be a christian may in fact be  something else. So be on your guard.
Added on 19 Jan 2014:
The destruction of the Hoover dam is going to cause many problems for Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Especially those who are dependent on Lake Mead for the primary water source.  With that water gone south as a free flow. Much damage and many lives will be lost.
The long term result. The commercial, farming and residential properties of Las Vegas area will go into default. Thus the prices of those properties will plummet dramatically. Until, the federal government can put together a plan to bring in a new source of water and rebuild the dam.
The dam must be rebuilt. Even though there has been studies of the water dropping in Lake Mead and that there may not be enough water to go around by the 2020's.
So another solution is possible. To those who can plan and implement it.
This is long term. Many facts I do not know. 
For those investors to plan ahead and then if the unfortunate thing does happen. They can take advantage by bringing in the needed water.
This is over a period of time and it seems i saw the finished product.
As of right now. Parts of California is under a water emergency. It seems they are often in this situation.
This is what I saw. I saw the connectivity of all of the local water departments leading towards Las Vegas from southern California. Which means everyone can share the water and the water can be seamlessly pushed from one place to another.
I saw banks of water desalination plants side by side. Very large plants. Very clean looking and very white and shiny. This is in California. Then I saw another in the North parts of California. just pop up. I saw massive pipes going up I-15 and then across I-80. I saw other pipes later on going into reservoirs around California.
In Mexico. Water desalination plants pop up in the Gulf of California. Same format as the California plants. Their water leads into Mexico and into Arizona which is then brought into Las Vegas and other areas around the South West USA.
The energy use of these very large plants is very demanding. I saw out in the deserts of Nevada Controlled lands being opened up for solar projects. These solar projects would be supplements for the expanding water desalination plants.
I saw very large pipes which had two different water quality standards. One for drinking and one for farming. Is that possible? not sure.
This plan even spreads to Eastern Texas which sends water all the way through Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona.
The face of the west becomes altered. Water coming from many directions and going into many places. Once all of the connections are made. Texas water can make it all the way to Norther California and vice versa.
Of course this will take more than a couple of decades to do.
added on 19 Jan 2014.
Can you imagine 4 of the Kadima, Israel water desalination plants in southern California, Northern California, on the gulf of California. That is 12 desalination plants.
Added on 26 Jan 2014:  And you won't even know. If a threat is real and valid in your area. The government will now legally allow you to be harmed or killed without prior warning.
The information is from Russia Times. Possible and or probable anti-American propaganda.
Added on 27 Feb 2014:
In some prophecies of the destruction of the Hoover dam. There is images of a vast amount of water over flowing the top of the dam. So how could this happen? I have been thinking about this.  Record seasonal snowfall over the states of Oregon, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. Which may also list other States which would contribute a massive amount of water via tributaries. The record breaking snowfall would be considered Biblical or not ever seen. This would also have to be followed by a very warm spring thaw. As in very warm for the entire region. The very warm spring thaw may even include some very heavy rains. Not associated with evaporating ice melt. The amount of flowing water must exceed the design capacity of Hoover and flood controls. You the reader will need to do that research on the exact data. At this time. I'm not willing. The weather channel will be freezing their reporters shorts off while reporting this winter weather anomaly. I would expect a weather channel named storm to have a meaning of the beginning to frozen shorts from hell. Sometimes God does that for His divine humor. Oh yea, I can already see God making me pay in some way for this content if it turns out true. The west USA wants water and not the life rules of GOD otherwise known as the Big 10. Guess they may get it. This will be worldwide news as it happens. Better mount some cameras up on that bridge as well as high above on the down stream. That is what it is all about Weather Channel. The excessive drama of the weather. Why am I including the Weather Channel in this? Will something happen to the weather channel or reporters?
If a new Polar Vortex re-positions itself in another year to where the majority of cold and snow encompasses the majority of the western USA. There may be a possibility that the moisture content could be funneled from the pacific ocean in some way. 2014 may be just a new beginning to a new form of cold to come.
Added on 10 march 2017: 
It is interesting watching the dam problems in California. I wonder if this what I saw? This week is coming ice melt and heavy rains. I think I need to spend more time praying about specific topics and asking more specific questions. Maybe, there is a cascade effect on dams and that the Hoover dam is so large and can contain so much water. That what is on the news is the so called smaller dams in California at peek levels. I just checked the water levels of lake Mead. The water levels are already dropping as is typical. 
Added on 11 June 2014:comment. Hoover Dam Bomb scare news.
The revelation of any prophecy, dream or vision can have a change to it. This is what I hope to occur in it's entirety even if the original of the prophecy, dream or vision has not been given to me first. I believe it is the function of anyone's dreams and visions in which they are undesirable. To be able to change, alter and or mitigate them all into something more desirable.  Isn't that better than to just believe that a bad and sad dream or vision will just happen and no one has any power to change, alter or mitigate it? Really?
I personally would want everyone who has had an undesirable dream or vision to be able to see how they all can effect a positive change and prevention of the bad and sad dream vision from ever occurring.  This does require everyone associated to be positively proactive in the prevention.
Added on 20 Oct 2014: Before you read. Please pray for discerning eyes.
Added on 18 June 2015: Spiritual information in note form. There is a connection to Hoover Dam:
The Holy Spirit does not announce it's entry nor it's exit from any space.
Without any announcement or warning. The Holy Spirit shall bless and protect those who are both righteous and obedient.
The Holy Spirit shall exact Godly vengeance upon the disobedient and unrighteous equally.
When a country, a people, a family or even a person is under the protection of the Holy Spirit. No harm shall come to them. But when a country and a people collectively become disobedient to the will and laws of God. Then the Holy Spirit shall silently take away her protective cloak. The demonic forces of the fallen angels must always probe for evidence that the blessed people have successfully cursed themselves just enough to cause the Holy Spirit to vacate her protection over them. What better way than to influence an unbelieving pastor to teach lies in regards to justifiable murder of an unborn innocent living human baby. What better way than to influence a troubled young person to commit murder. When the demonic fallen angels and all of those who follow them realize that GOD and The Holy Spirit no longer is protecting the once blessed nation and people. That is when the flood gates of evil shall pour into formerly protected country. Just like a burst hoover dam. Everyone and everything which is down stream shall suffer greatly. The evil spirits which shall flow into the once protected nation. Will drown and destroy everything in their path. Except for the remnant. If you are reading this. Then now is your time to repent, reverence God and all that is Holy, Become righteous and Holy as defined and accepted by God. Think about this. How much is a remnant of anything?
For instance in recent news. The Methodist connection. The lies which brings death. One through abortion and the other through racism. From the use of lies believed as truths do people do the works for evil's benefit.
Demonic activity: In Mexico? South of the border. Before you attack your enemy. You mass your troops along the borders with your enemy. Just on the border of Arizona and Nevada is the great Hoover dam. Will it be the first demonic attack upon the formerly blessed and protected nation?
What does this mean? Not really sure. I was just thinking about the Holy Spirit and then the Hoover dam popped in out of no where. Lake Mead is still in a water crisis even though snow melt and heavy may rain fall is helping concerns. I still am unable to find the original dream. But, do vaguely remember that the water level was high. In which it is not today. A probable error in my memory.
to avert apocalyptic disasters. Do the purple.

To love one another.
To live in peace.
To exist in harmony.
 To cherish life.
 To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us to be.
Added on 12 July 2015: News for Hoover Dam and Lake Meade.
Added on 04 March 2017:
I have found it interesting my focus on the Hoover Dam. Yet, in California. They are having water problems and dam problems. I wonder if those are the precursors to an emergency event at the Hoover Dam?
I just checked the water levels for lake Mead. As of today. The water level is higher than it was this time 2014, 2015. It appears to be rising. Although still lower than the water levels of 2012 by about 50 feet. It appears that for any typical year. The water levels do begin to fall this time in March.
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